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mattipfwiw: I "discovered" why the buildbot/master.py was modified by hand:06:13
mattipof the four win32 buildbots, only aurora is reliably connected,06:13
mattipSalsaSalsa is one I run and my family is forever rebooting the computer06:14
mattipsnakepit32 hasn't been seen in a while06:14
mattipand bigboard cannot successfully translate: it hits the 2GB memory wall and dies.06:15
mattipanyone with admin rights on the build master around?06:15
mattipI created a win32-cleanup branch on the pypy/buildbot repository06:19
mattipif someone would be so kind as to review and merge ...06:19
mattipthen retart the master06:19
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LarstiQmattip: I can't help I'm afraid. What timezone are you in?06:21
mattipit's OK, I'm used to talking to myself. :)06:22
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ronnymattip: just took a look at buildbot master dir, back when done vomiting06:25
ronnymattip: but yes, i can restart it later06:32
mattipok. Should I merge the branch or will you?06:32
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ronnymattip: done06:36
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kenaan12RonnyPfannschmidt buildbot[win32-cleanup] 1134a513c1e44a 15/: close branch befor merge06:38
kenaan12RonnyPfannschmidt buildbot 1164eeefddd046 15/bot2/pypybuildbot/: merge from win32-cleanup06:38
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ronnymattip: done06:39
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-32/builds/2173 [py3k]06:40
mattipronny: cool, thanks.06:40
mattipronny: something's not right: http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-win-x86-32 did not change.06:43
mattiphg pull?06:43
ronnymattip: forgot hg up06:44
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mattipthat's better.06:45
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-win-x86-32/builds/513 [12mattip]06:53
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kenaan12arigo extradoc 111fc3d5240cd4 15/blog/draft/stm-apr2012.rst: Precision w.r.t. the supported platforms.06:56
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fijalarigato: looks good07:08
fijalarigato: although as usual maybe a sentence of introduction would help here and there07:08
fijallike expand what it means "not done by far"07:09
arigatook :-)07:09
fijalsince I have no idea how can the GC be not quite done but working07:09
fijalI do07:10
arigatowell, it's leaking a bit, as I said07:10
fijalbut others might not07:10
fijalso it's leaking a bit, because  ...07:10
fijaland some expansion would not hurt07:10
fijalnot because you have bugs, but because you have unsupported features right?07:10
arigatowell I don't know how much details I should go into07:11
arigatonot quite right07:11
arigatowhat's going on is that when entering transactional mode, and between any two transactions, all objects become immortal07:11
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arigatoif your program only calls transaction.run() once and transactions don't create tons of surviving objects, then it's a slow leak07:12
kenaan12fijal extradoc 11e2615b4dd640 15/blog/draft/stm-apr2012.rst: explain07:12
fijalalso what' a pure python transaction module07:12
arigatoI mean07:12
arigatojust following the link, that's what it is?07:12
arigatoI can explain more07:13
fijalyou can explain that it's an emulation for example07:13
arigatoyou have a point :-)07:14
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kenaan12arigo extradoc 117f5d0a8f1a66 15/blog/draft/stm-apr2012.rst: Expand here and there.07:46
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arigatofijal (logs): better?07:56
kenaan12arigo stm-gc 111c1ee4c2d200 15/lib_pypy/transaction.py: Update docs07:56
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kenaan12arigo stm-gc 1184017bfb4a89 15/pypy/translator/stm/src_stm/lists.c: Comment.08:28
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antocuniarigato: I saw that you made a checkin into lib_pypy/pyrepl. Did you also apply the diff to the proper pyrepl repo?08:37
arigatoI think not, because I was not the first to do that08:39
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antocuniI think that me and ronny spent a bit of time trying to merge the two repos which diverged08:39
antocunibut it might be that they diverged again08:40
Nick change: yumatov -> yumike08:41
arigatoit's https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pyrepl , right?08:42
arigatothe last default checkin there is 64f1c2e6d88e08:43
ronnygimme a bug there i think08:43
ronnyback later this afternoon, traveling to cologne08:44
arigatocorresponds to pypy's 8477b89ad7b4, 2011-11-1708:44
arigatothere were more recent fixes in pypy's, like:08:44
arigatoand also others like08:45
arigatowhich have not been merged to pyrepl either08:45
antocuniso it's a big mess08:45
arigatonot necessarily, it's not a ton of checkins08:46
ronnymake me a bug, i'll do it this afternoon or on the ride08:46
arigatobut I didn't want to sort it out myself08:46
antocunironny: thanks08:46
antocunironny: do you mean that you would like an issue opened on bugs.pypy.org?08:47
ronnyantocuni: actually no, i just will do on the train08:47
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antocuniperfect, thanks :-)08:47
kkb110 (~kkb110@NYUFGA-WLESSAUTHCLIENTS-01.NATPOOL.NYU.EDU) joined #pypy.08:47
antocuniI think that we should also write a test which checks that lib_pypy/pyrepl did not diverge from the official repo08:48
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arigatoyes, good plan08:48
antocuniI wonder whether there is a way to write it without having to reclone the repo every time08:49
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ronnyantocuni: we write a script that does the inclusions, that can add a json file with hashes for example08:50
arigatos/json//  is fine for me :-)08:51
antocuniyes :-)08:51
ronnyhmm, well, whatever, i'll figure something08:51
ronnybbl, catching my ride08:51
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antocuniarigato: re pypy-stm trunning translate.py: wow :-)08:59
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fijalarigato: otherwise looks good to me :)09:03
arigatogood :-)09:03
fijalforgot to say09:03
antocuniwhat is a more precise number of "performance is not great"?09:03
arigato"within the 2-to-5-times-slower goal"09:04
Action: arigato tries again09:04
antocuniah sorry, I did not see the updates to the draft (I'm reading the checkins one by one)09:05
arigatoyes, it seems 5x slower right now09:05
arigatoI think it was a bit better in some previous incomplete version09:05
antocuniyes, I remember that at some point you said that the performance hit was more or less 2x09:06
arigato...yes, definitely09:06
fijalarigato: I think there are too many options for implicit "this"09:06
arigatook, I need to update the blog port then09:06
fijalwhat is slower from what?09:06
arigatoblog poSt09:06
arigatofijal: which "this" are you talking about?09:07
fijalarigato: 5x slower09:07
fijalthere is implicit X and Y in X is 5x slower than Y09:07
antocuniarigato: I also find this sentence a bit unclear: "(which means that using two09:08
antocunicores is not quite twice as fast as using only one, and using all four09:08
antocunicores is again not twice faster but only 20-30%)."09:08
fijalI assume it's09:08
fijal"jitless pypy with stm on one thread is 5x slower than jitless pypy without stm"09:08
arigatoantocuni: I can kill it, I'm just describing how performance improves on my laptop when running independent programs in parallel09:08
arigatofijal: yes09:09
antocuniI think it's nice to have it, but again it's not exactly clear what you are comparing ("faster" than what?)09:09
antocuniI mean, I can understand it, but the casual reader might not09:09
arigato(i.e. for N between 1 and 4, the N-threaded pypy-stm performs similarly to N independent pypy-stm's each running one thread)09:11
arigatowould that be better?09:11
arigatofijal: yes09:11
arigatofijal: I'm going to rework that paragraph09:11
antocuniarigato: yes09:12
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kenaan12arigo extradoc 11076d5ffc08ba 15/blog/draft/stm-apr2012.rst: Clarify and reword.09:19
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kenaan12mattip win32-cleanup2 117ec68c9430e2 15/pypy/: revert some useless changes09:50
kenaan12mattip default 11ff5ad277dbe2 15/pypy/rlib/test/test_rposix.py: fix test09:50
kenaan12mattip default 11b702c733839a 15/pypy/: merge some trivial changes from win32-cleanup209:50
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arigatomattip: it seems to me that you're doing non-useful extra work, by merging the branch little by little09:54
arigatoif anything you're just creating tons of conflicts for later, unless you never plan to merge the whole branch09:55
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mattiparigato: the changes should not cause conflicts as they are exactly the changes from the branch (hg cat -r win32-cleanup2 <file> > file )10:13
mattiparigato: and the bottleneck is getting stuff reviewed, amaury_ and I have different schedules10:13
mattipI guess this would really go faster at something like a sprint10:14
eoh| (~eoh@ joined #pypy.10:14
arigatofine, I suppose10:17
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arigatojust be careful with "hg cat", using "hg diff | patch" would be cafer10:17
arigatounless you did a "hg merge default" really just before, or something10:17
mattipahh, ok. sorry about all the noise.10:18
arigatono no, no problem.  I'm mostly trying to prevent a situation where you end up in a mess10:18
arigatoor accidentally cause 17 checkins on default to be reverted or something :-)10:19
antocunimattip: also, if you really want to apply changes one-by-one on default, probably hg transplant is better10:23
antocunibut I also recommend a simple hg merge when the branch is ready10:23
arigato"hg transplant" is mostly like "hg diff | patch"10:23
antocunitrue, but it's more convenient10:23
arigatoyes, me too in general, but in this case it would need tracking which changes have been reviewed or not10:23
mattipI guess the issue is I got ahead of myself, started to change stuff in stdlib and modules before the basic rlib, rpython stuff was merged.10:25
mattip"next time" I take on something this big, it will be across a number of branches10:26
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bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-64/builds/914 [12mattip, win32-cleanup2]10:31
mattipmaybe this will help root out problems10:31
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LarstiQmattip: might patchqueues help split up the work?10:38
bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-win-x86-32/builds/513 [12mattip]10:40
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mattipLarstiQ: probably, if I knew how to use them :)10:45
Action: mattip reading http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/MqTutorial10:48
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bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-64/builds/914 [12mattip, win32-cleanup2]11:46
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mattiptrying to fix the crash in http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-win-x86-32/builds/513/steps/shell_911:50
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mattipthe test calls subprocess.Popen totally replacing the env with a simpler dict containing only PYPYLOG11:51
mattipbut on windows at least we need to preserve PATH11:52
mattipdoes this patch look reasonable ?11:52
mattipor is there a deeper reason to replace the env?11:52
arigatono, you're changing the parent's os.environ too11:53
mattiphehe. good one.11:53
arigatobut otherwise, indeed, it should be fine11:53
mattiparigato: this seems to make the test not crash: http://dpaste.org/I1uLV11:58
arigatothe other implementation was ok too,11:59
arigatojust call os.environ.copy()11:59
mattipok, I'll go with that then.12:00
kenaan12mattip default 11dc8fb1054c92 15/pypy/module/pypyjit/test_pypy_c/test_00_model.py: copy os.environ into subprocess12:02
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kenaan12mattip win32-cleanup2 118c915f9df26c 15/pypy/: merge default into branch12:07
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nullrathey folks! :D Does anyone know if pypy works on Nginx? o.o and if so, if there's any material regarding this?12:47
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exarkunnullrat: it doesn't.12:57
exarkunnullrat: Twisted works on PyPy, and includes a WSGI server that works quite well.12:58
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luciannullrat: how would python and nginx interact other than reverse proxying?13:19
Kxepallucian: uwsgi?13:21
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lucianKxepal: again, that has nothing to do with nginx13:22
Kxepallucian: you have to compile it with this module(;13:23
lucianKxepal: oh, uwsgi does that?13:23
luciananyway, then it's related to uwsgi13:24
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rguillebertnullrat, I think someone provided a patch to make it work, however it's probably not very tested14:25
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exarkunwrite-only irc user14:28
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kenaan12arigo stm-gc 113d31bcaf6477 15/pypy/rlib/rstm.py: Minor tweak.15:45
kenaan12arigo stm-gc 11c25ae0621f3d 15/pypy/translator/stm/src_stm/rpyintf.c: Bah.15:45
arigatoantocuni: btw, if I may ask again15:46
arigatoI'm confused by EuroPython because I thought that by giving a tutorial we didn't have to pay anything15:46
arigato(I mean the registration)15:46
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ronnypjenvey: please dont do py3k changes on pyrepl in the pypy repo again, there is a py3ksupport branch in pyrepl, and your change is basically broken 15:57
arigatoantocuni: ah, forget it.  it seems I'm misremembering and we don't give a tutorial this year15:58
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arigatofijal: ok to publish the stm blog post?16:10
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arigatoah, blogger has a new internal interface that seems to make sense now16:15
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arigatowell, no --- too bad16:17
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arigatoif we edit as "html", some code somewhere inserts <br> at the end of every line16:17
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Action: arigato pastes all the html as a single line16:21
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arigatoyay, published (and indeed the html is all in one line)16:23
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kenaan12arigo extradoc 118c4ce58d78b6 15/blog/draft/stm-apr2012.rst: Typoish16:24
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Action: timotimo reads blog post16:30
timotimonice to know where we stand with pypy-stm16:33
timotimothe translate.py version should be pretty interesting if it ever outperforms the pypy jit version16:33
fijalnot without a jit16:33
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timotimoof course16:35
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arigatouh, seems that I was wrong, or just confused, about being slower now than some previous version16:38
arigatoif we're slower, it's at most 5% on richards16:39
arigatolooking at the valgrind output is "interesting"16:39
arigatowe spend 50% of the time in stm_read_int4 and stm_read_int116:40
arigatothese functions are (a bit as expected) call *all the time*16:40
arigato...called *all the time*16:40
fijalcan the JIT remove those?16:40
arigatoto some extent, yes, via optimize16:41
arigatoah, also16:42
arigato...er, no16:42
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arigatowell, it can do something, but it's a bit more complicated than my previous line suggetss16:43
arigatostm_read_int*() is called to read "global" objects, so the JIT will not magically remove such accesses16:43
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arigatoon the other hand it seems that for richards, the worst calling site is the dict lookup on instances, which doesn't exist in jitting versions with mapdicts16:45
Nick change: toofishes -> y2ninoclaf16:46
arigatoor maybe on classes, in which case it serves as a reminder that the method cache is still off16:46
Nick change: y2ninoclaf -> ionut16:46
Nick change: ionut -> toofishes16:47
arigato(er? confused)16:47
Action: arigato -> dinner16:50
arigato(still confused)16:50
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antocuniarigato: re europython: you are right twice: tutorial speakers don't pay, but we don't give a tutorial :-)17:14
antocuni(actually I *do* give one, but completely unrelated to pypy :-))17:14
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arigatoantocuni: :-)17:38
r_dukeI've googled for this and found a few vague references.  But I am having a problem with OpenSSL on Ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/mkRCvquG17:39
r_dukeIs there any way around this?  Other than compiling my own OpenSSL (in fact I have openssl 0.9.8 installed but I'm not sure if that is the one my crypto.so relates to)17:40
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exarkunOpenSSL is not pyOpenSSL17:42
exarkunIt looks like you're trying to use the CPython pyOpenSSL build installed for your system Python on PyPy17:42
exarkunBut PyPy won't load extension modules built for CPython.  You have to build them for PyPy specifically.17:42
r_dukeIf I were to use pyOpenSSL I wouldn't have to do that?17:43
exarkunYou are using pyOpenSSL. :)17:44
exarkunpyOpenSSL is the name of the project that confusingly provides the Python package named OpenSSL, which is not to be confused with the C project named OpenSSL which provides the libraries libcrypto and libssl.17:44
r_dukeIs there a pypy version of pyOpenSSL (not sure if that is a dumb question)17:45
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exarkunThe latest development version of pyOpenSSL should work on the latest development version of PyPy.17:46
exarkunYou just need to build it against PyPy.17:46
arigatoso you need the source of pyOpenSSL, and install from there, by saying "pypy setup.py install" probably17:47
Action: exarkun nods17:47
r_dukeok.  Just for my own knowledge - what is the path to least resistance for getting SSL on pypy.  Is it what we are discussing here?  Or am I missing something.  17:47
exarkunPyPy includes the stdlib ssl support.17:48
exarkunpyOpenSSL and the stdlib ssl module are incompatible with each other.17:48
exarkunSo if you have some program or library that depends on one or the other, then you need to have the right one.17:48
r_dukeI'm not 100% sure if I need to use pyOpenSSL.  Maybe someone can advise.  I am following a receipe here: http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/core/howto/ssl.html17:49
exarkunYou can get the pyOpenSSL source using `bzr branch lp:pyopenssl´.  You'll also need the Ubuntu package `libssl-dev´ installed.17:49
r_dukeSee "Using startTLS"17:49
exarkunYea.  Twisted requires pyOpenSSL.17:49
arigatocan you even mix libraries that use both pyOpenSSL and _ssl?  that seems unlikely, given openssl's design :-/17:50
r_dukeok.  good to know.  I'm happy to know I'm not going about all this the dumb way17:50
r_dukewell no less dumb than usual, at any rate17:50
exarkunarigato: It seems to work at least half the time.17:50
amaury_could Twisted use _ssl instead?17:51
r_dukeThat was my question.  I would suspect that in that particular case the SSL uprade isn't provided by the plain 'ssl' module17:51
r_dukeBut that is just a guess17:51
gutworthpython ssl module has not been very good 'til 3.217:52
amaury_otoh twisted is not very good with 3.2 ;-)17:52
exarkunamaury_: Do you mean "would it be possible for someone to rewrite Twisted to use _ssl instead of pyOpenSSL"?  Or do you mean "is there a simple flag that will already make Twisted use _ssl instead of pyOpenSSL?"17:53
amaury_the former17:53
amaury_or does it require some asynchronous TLS negociation?17:53
amaury_(or whatever it is)17:53
exarkunI think that pyOpenSSL still has some features that Twisted depends on that _ssl does not provide17:53
exarkunBut I haven't kept up with the progress of _ssl particularly closely, so I could be mistaken.17:54
lucian (~lucian@cpc1-newc15-2-0-cust84.gate.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pypy.17:54
Trundle (~andy@python/site-packages/trundle) joined #pypy.17:54
gutworthperhaps in 10 years :)17:55
exarkunA large challenge would be that many of the pyOpenSSL APIs leak through Twisted to application code, and _ssl is at least trivially incompatible with those APIs, so even if a switch is possible without losing functionality, all the APIs would change.17:55
exarkungutworth: Personally, I hope that in 10 years, no one will be using OpenSSL anymore.17:55
gutworthis there something better already?17:55
exarkunMaybe TLSLite.  Or maybe it's not better, but if 1% of the effort spent developing software on OpenSSL and fixing vulnerabilities in OpenSSL were spent improving it, it would be.17:56
nanonymepersonally I don't understand howw OpenSSL devs can be masochistic enough to use CVS for revision management17:57
exarkunCompared to the source they track with it, CVS is a shining gem of perfection.17:58
Action: arigato gets unconfused from 1 hour ago by reading again a8e0e462beb918:00
nanonymeexarkun, what do you think of GnuTLS?18:00
amaury_ (~amaury_@ left irc: Ping timeout: 265 seconds18:01
exarkunnanonyme: I think it's bad and should be avoided.18:03
exarkunbtw there is a #pyopenssl18:03
arigatohum hum18:15
arigatoso it seems, maybe, that what is really needed next18:16
arigatowould be a kind of "weakref", except not weak --- a "localref"18:16
arigatoto put in a global object a reference to a local object, without promoting it to global18:16
arigatothe "localref" would fail if we try to follow it from another thread18:17
antocuni (~antocuni@host204-125-dynamic.11-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) left irc: Ping timeout: 265 seconds18:17
arigatojust wondering, the "__thread" variables in GCC are put on x86 in a special "segment" of memory18:18
arigatobut I guess there isn't a way to malloc() stuff in this segment?18:18
exarkunso other threads would be able to see the "localref" object, but would have to be careful not to touch it too much?18:18
exarkun(where "threads" equals "transactions" right?)18:19
arigatoexarkun: yes, either that or the "localref" would actually point to NULL or to another thread-local object18:19
arigato"threads" is meant in the normal sense, so a thread is a sequence of transactions (picked randomly)18:20
arigatoit's for caching, for the common case where it is useful to do it across transactions but not across threads (to avoid conflicts)18:21
exarkunah, ok.18:21
arigato(in fact there is already "transaction.local", but I want to improve by keeping whatever it caches as locals, which is sometimes a big improvement)18:22
arigato(see a8e0e462beb9)18:22
lewq (~luke@127cr.net) joined #pypy.18:26
nedbat (~nedbat@python/psf/nedbat) joined #pypy.18:26
r_duke@exarkun / arigato.  Compiled pyOpenSSL with pypy and am up and running.  Thanks for your help18:28
arigatohum, fwiw, pthread_key_create() is like a malloc() of one word in the thread-local segment of all threads18:31
arigatoso in other words, the "localref" object I mentioned above would be such a key, and dereferencing it would be reading the key (with pthread_getspecific())18:32
xcombelle (~xcombelle@AToulouse-551-1-84-80.w92-149.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #pypy.18:38
timotimohttps://bugs.pypy.org/issue1136 - i'm going to tackle this bug. anything non-obvious i may need to know?18:38
arigatodoesn't seem so18:44
arigatothanks :-)18:44
timotimoi would just have to thank myself, apparently being the only one who suffers from this bug ;)18:45
arigatoit might be that the numpy types like int64 are missing an __index__() special method18:45
timotimoalso: can't wait to translate pypy on my really really shiny new beefy desktop box18:45
timotimojust got a linux onto it this morning18:45
arigatoeh eh18:45
timotimoare branch names named issueNNN acceptable?18:46
timotimowell, NNNN for pypy, really ;)18:46
arigatoyes, at least for me18:46
arigatoit's indirect but clear18:46
arigatoor maybe18:47
arigatoat least18:47
r_r_r (~chatzilla@ joined #pypy.18:47
arigatoplease check with a recent version of CPython's numpy what special methods int64 has18:48
arigatoif it has __int__(), __long__(), __index__()18:49
arigatoor more precisely which subset of that it exactly has :-)18:49
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Arfrever (~Arfrever@apache/committer/Arfrever) joined #pypy.18:50
timotimorecent version being development version, yes?18:50
arigatoI think the latest released version is good enough18:51
timotimowell, i'm already cloning their git, so i'm flexible18:51
Var (~Varriount@pool-96-255-203-197.washdc.fios.verizon.net) joined #pypy.18:51
timotimonot that i'd expect such a basic thing to change that quickly18:51
timotimowait, all i'd have to do would be to run numpy and inspect the object18:52
umgeher (~umgeher@unaffiliated/umgeher) joined #pypy.18:52
timotimoyes, index, int and long18:53
arigatoand on pypy?18:53
timotimoindex, int and long, actually18:54
timotimoinherited from __builtin__.int18:54
arigatomissing __index__ I expect?18:54
timotimoand from generic18:54
arigatobut somelist[int64(..)] fails?18:54
timotimolet me restate all that18:54
timotimohelp(numpypy.int64) lists index and int as inherited from __builtin__.int and int as inherited from "generic"18:55
fenrrir (~fenrrir@ joined #pypy.18:56
craigkerstiens (~textual@ joined #pypy.18:56
timotimoyes, somelist[int64(3)] gives "list index must be an integer not int64"18:56
timotimonp.int64(3).__index__() gives a type error18:56
timotimoso the implementation is obviously not correct enough18:56
timotimohg cloning is soooo slooooow18:57
serge_sans_paill (~serge@ridee.info.enstb.org) joined #pypy.18:58
arigatoyes, you clone big projects only once, and then if you need more clones, clone from the other that you already got)18:58
arigato...yes, same problem with np.int64(3).__long__()18:59
DanielHolthpypy might clone faster if you only clone the tip revision, since it has so many heads19:00
arigatoyou mean the "default" revision, not "tip"19:01
timotimodon't almost all heads share a huge part of their history?19:01
arigato("tip" is useless in the presence of named branches)19:01
arigatotimotimo: yes, I'm unsure there is more than a few percent's win19:02
nullrat (~nullrat@ left irc: Quit: Lost terminal19:02
Action: arigato forgets about pthread_key_create(), which looks dynamic but is actually limited to N keys (1024?)19:03
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DanielHolthwow, 350+ megabytes in .hg19:05
int3__ (~int3__@vlan409-164.subnet-248.amherst.edu) joined #pypy.19:06
Action: arigato -> sleep19:07
timotimognite arigato!19:08
timotimothanks for the pointers19:08
arigato (~arigo@mail.kdk.ch) left irc: Quit: See you19:09
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timotimoah! adding file changes is done19:10
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ijoasfiojas (328ae1bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined #pypy.19:12
DanielHolth(the default branch has only ~267MB versus every branch ~381MB)19:15
timotimowow, that's a surprise19:18
timotimois that due to all the closed and non-merged branches perhaps?19:18
amaury_ (~amaury_@46-127-23-192.dynamic.hispeed.ch) joined #pypy.19:19
timotimointeresting. in py.py and the test suite, my stuff already works?19:19
timotimoand in the nightly build i have installed, too!19:20
timotimoi'd say everything went better than expected19:20
aboudreault (~alanb@osgeo/member/aboudreault) left irc: Ping timeout: 252 seconds19:21
timotimoalso: tox has been testing with pypy1.8 even though my system pypy is 1.9.1-dev, that's a surprise, too19:21
amaury_timotimo: aren't you making a confusion between the version of pypy you are modifying19:29
amaury_and the Python interpreter used to run tests?19:29
amaury_"and in the nightly build i have installed, too!"19:30
timotimowell, the problem was basically caused by tox keeping an old version of pypy around, which didn't have that feature i needed19:31
timotimoso i wrote a test case into a checkout of pypy and ran it19:31
timotimoto my surprise, it passed19:31
timotimothen, not wanting to translate pypy for a simple test like that, i ran py.py to try that same feature and it worked, too19:31
timotimothen i tried it with my systems python, which was a nightly, and it worked, too19:32
timotimonp.array(list("hello world")) seems to make numpy very sad19:32
timotimocan you confirm that?19:32
Action: amaury_ tries with py.py19:35
timotimonp.array("h") gives the same result/non-result19:36
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CIA-8003timo 07roundup * 10#1136/"list index must be integer, not int64": [resolved] oopsie. this is already fixed in the latest version. * 14https://bugs.pypy.org/issue113619:37
amaury_an infinite loop probably19:37
timotimoseems like that to me, too19:38
amaury_"hello" is a list of strings19:39
amaury_"h" is also a list of strings19:39
timotimooh, whoops19:39
timotimono check for len()==119:39
timotimoso a recursion without base case19:39
timotimoi guess?19:39
amaury_hum, normally there is a is_single_elem()19:40
timotimoi'll commit failing tes tcases for https://bugs.pypy.org/issue1137, which is unrelated to this string stuff19:41
timotimobut should i also report the string bug or will you fix it right now? seems like you're already mostly on to it19:41
amaury_I can try to fix it19:41
timotimoi would appreciate that19:43
timotimothat's amusing19:44
timotimoissue1137 exists for int8, int16, int32, but not for int6419:44
amaury_hum, event if I fix the recursion issue19:44
amaury_it tries with an array of floats19:44
fijal (~fijal@aqi122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) joined #pypy.19:47
timotimono, thg, no, no, bad thg!19:47
timotimoi had to click several "do you really want to create a new branch?" OK-buttons and the commit still ended up on default?19:47
timotimowhat's with all those weird hg misbehavior i seem to be getting every single time i try to do anything with it? ;_;19:48
serge_sans_paill (~serge@ridee.info.enstb.org) left irc: Quit: tchô19:48
exarkunhg is good, it's written in python19:49
timotimoi'm just going to push the tests onto default and do the fixing on the branch.19:49
kenaan12ti...@eistee.fritz.box default 11ac3066573611 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/test/test_dtypes.py: commit three failing and one passing test for issue1137.19:50
timotimowhoops, that's not a good author name19:50
fijaltimotimo: thanks19:50
r_duke (5c28b08e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left irc: Quit: Page closed19:55
timotimoso _single_item_result tries to figure out if whatever index object that has been plugged in will lead to the result being just a single item, rather than a slice of some sort19:56
timotimoand it checks for isinstance space.w_int, which int8, int16 and int32 fail19:56
timotimothat's why it tries to apply len to the int8/16/32: to figure out if it's a valid tuploid index19:57
timotimoi'm not sure if i should check for int8, int16 and int32 separately or maybe for some common trait19:58
amaury_string is also broken there it seems19:59
timotimoi could try to cast it to int :p19:59
amaury_timotimo: space.int_w19:59
amaury_i.e. the __int__ slot20:00
timotimodo you thik that's a good idea?20:00
amaury_Do you know what numpy does here?20:00
amaury_does it accept any class with __int__ or __index__?20:00
timotimodon't know, should i do some digging?20:00
amaury_or test :)20:01
timotimo.o(and obviously, calling the index slot would be cleverer)20:01
timotimodigging would have meant starting with a test in a ipython session ;)20:01
timotimoit does use an __index__ slot if it's there20:02
timotimoif there's both index and int, index is prefered, it seems20:02
timotimoif there's only int, it will use the int slot20:03
amaury_I've also seen that the __int__ is not used to detect the type of the array20:03
tilgovi (~randall@couchdb/developer/tilgovi) joined #pypy.20:03
amaury_np.array([2, A()]).dtype is object20:04
timotimowhere did you see that?20:04
amaury_np.array([2, A()], np.int).dtype is int6420:04
timotimois that numpy or numpypy? is that right or wrong? :)20:04
amaury_an old numpy on top of Python2.620:05
amaury_same with numpy-1.6.120:07
timotimocan i look-before-you-leap-figure-out if i can do index_w on an object?20:07
amaury_well, with Python you can leap before you look20:10
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timotimothis is a tiny bit messy :\20:11
amaury_why? all operators work this way20:11
timotimoi mean this particular bit of code20:11
timotimobut never mind, it'll be all right20:11
timotimooh, there is no index_w. so i'll have to space.invokemethod("__index__", w_idx" or something similar20:12
timotimoapparently it'll be space.call_method(w_idx, "__index__")20:12
amaury_space.index :)20:12
timotimo... or that20:12
dmishe (~dmishe@c-98-206-42-112.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pypy.20:14
timotimohey cool, all tests from test_dytpes pass with my alterations20:15
timotimonow for more tests20:15
paniq (~lritter@g231090091.adsl.alicedsl.de) joined #pypy.20:16
timotimoamaury_: i'm getting "operation cannot succeed" for getattr(space, ('index')), would that mean i have to add an index method to the micronumpy.compile.FakeSpace or did i do something else wrong?20:18
fijal (~fijal@aqi122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) left irc: Ping timeout: 276 seconds20:19
amaury_is is some translation error?20:19
timotimoit's in test_zjit, an annotation error20:19
timotimoAnnotatorErorr in test_zjit.TestNumpyJIt, the "add" test apparently20:20
timotimoi've added lines like idx = space.int_w(space.index(w_idx)) in two places, both make the annotator choke20:20
amaury_do you have a test for this space.index?20:21
amaury_oh right, sorry20:21
timotimoi didn't write one :|20:21
amaury_in test_zjit a FakeSpace is used20:21
timotimothat's right, i said that ;)20:21
amaury_which may miss some methods :)20:21
timotimoat least i thought so20:21
timotimohow do i implement that? it'd seem i'd have to implement call_method for that space :|20:22
amaury_no, just implement index()20:24
timotimoyeah, but index is imlemented by calling the objects __index__ method, is that not correct?20:24
amaury_IIUC, in FakeSpace, it is not implemented20:24
timotimothat's true20:25
amaury_there is already a "def int"20:25
amaury_you could add "index = int"20:25
amaury_should be good enough for a simple space20:25
timotimo... well, it's FakeSpace after all, right?20:25
fijal (~fijal@aqi122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) joined #pypy.20:25
timotimoit wouldn't make tests work that make sure numpypy prefers __index__ over __int__ where __int__ fails or something obscure like that?20:26
timotimooh, that's also incorrect. index returns a wrapped object, so i can't use int_w. i'll just implement it as self.wrap(self.int_w(obj))20:27
timotimomakes tests pass, makes timo happy20:28
ericflo (~ericflo@ joined #pypy.20:29
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amaury_timotimo: space.int_w(space.index(w_obj)) should work20:32
timotimothat's what i use in my code, yes20:33
amaury_"index returns a wrapped object, so i can't use int_w"20:33
timotimothat was probably brainfart'd then20:33
fijal (~fijal@aqi122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) joined #pypy.20:33
timotimoah, no i know what i meant20:33
amaury_index returns a wrapped object, so you must use int_w20:33
timotimoi can't put index = int_w into FakeSpace, because int_w returns an unwrapped int and index returns a wrapped int20:33
timotimoall micronumpy tests pass, is that good enough for me to commit something?20:34
timotimoadditionally: should i write tests to see if micnorumpy prefers __index__ of custom classes to __int__?20:34
kenaan12ti...@eistee.fritz.box numpypy-issue1137 116459d00ebd48 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/: use __index__ if available, or __int__. should fix this bug.20:36
timotimobleh, didn't i change my user name?20:37
Action: timotimo tries a full translation just for fun20:39
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timotimoamaury_: i'm now writing C code for my code in numpypy-issue1137, i'm rather certain it works. do you want to review and merge it before the next nightly build cycle starts?21:17
CIA-8003timo 07roundup * 10#1137/"TypeError: 'int32' has no length": 21:19
CIA-80[chatting] this was related to numpypy not trying the __index__ method on objects used as21:19
CIA-80indexes, nor trying the __int__ slot for non-integer ob ... * 14https://bugs.pypy.org/issue113721:19
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Nick change: nedbat_ -> nedbat21:26
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timotimoi wonder what the thought process was behind limiting detect_number_of_processors to be 3 when there are 4 processors?21:29
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amaury_to leave one processor to system tasks21:29
timotimotranslated pypy-c with jit in 2960 seconds21:29
timotimohm, that may not be a bad idea21:29
amaury_ssh, kill, and so on21:30
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timotimothose are especially important21:30
timotimoso yeah, it translates fine, the code that was originally bugged is now functioning. what do you think? :)21:31
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timotimohm, what was the necessary magic again to use classes i defined at the top of the test file in a test case that's inside a test classe derived from BaseNumpyAppTest? :\21:50
knizz (~knizz@d86-32-133-50.cust.tele2.at) joined #pypy.21:53
aat (~aat@ left irc: Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.21:54
timotimoi thought i could add it to the class and prefix the name with w_ and have it work, but apparently not.21:57
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bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/jit-benchmark-linux-x86-64/builds/32222:00
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timotimonoooooooooo, i missed the cutoff (:22:00
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kenaan12timo_jbo numpypy-issue1137 11c1a1e296db16 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/test/test_numarray.py: add tests for behavior of objects with either or both int and index slots.22:34
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amaury_timotimo: you can kick the buildbot yourself22:45
amaury_and get a "nightly" build anytime22:45
timotimothat's true, but it feels a bit like cheating :p22:46
amaury_no, because you can do it on a branch22:46
timotimoadditionally, i already got the build, so i don't really need the confirmation or the build22:46
amaury_btw, array of strings will be very difficult22:46
timotimoit will? aaw :(22:47
amaury_I fear I have to fix a bug in std objspace22:47
timotimocan you make it raise an exception instead of infinitelooping in the mean time, though?22:47
amaury_well sure22:47
timotimothat would help my test suite :)22:47
amaury_but try this:22:48
amaury_x = np.str_('abc')22:48
amaury_isinstance(x, str)      True22:48
amaury_that's ok22:48
amaury_but try to print x22:48
amaury_or call any str method :(22:49
timotimooh, that's with regular numpy now, yes?22:49
amaury_no, pypy only22:49
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amaury_regular numpy works correctly22:49
timotimoah, ok. i get "module object has no attribute str_"22:49
timotimooh, it's an old pypy again, sorry about that22:50
amaury_np.string_, then :)22:50
timotimoi see the problem :(22:50
amaury_well, it's worse than that22:50
amaury_in np.str_ is supposed to inherit from two types22:51
amaury_str and numpy.character22:51
amaury_and it's impossible in pypy at the moment22:51
timotimooh my :\22:52
amaury_a built-in type cannot be mixed with another22:52
amaury_(except w_object maybe)22:52
timotimowant me to create a bug so there's a central point for progress reports and discussion?22:53
amaury_I think I narrowed the problem to typeobject.get_parent_layout()22:53
amaury_yes please22:53
Action: amaury_ -> bed anyway22:53
timotimo"string arrays in numpypy don't work yet"?22:54
amaury_not at all!22:54
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amaury_x = np.str_('abc') is an example22:54
timotimo"string arrays in numpypy fundamentally don't work"?22:54
amaury_it's even worse with unicode22:54
amaury_fundamentally is the word22:54
timotimoi'm confused22:54
timotimox = np.str_("abc") does "work" - it does something22:55
timotimo(as opposed to the infinite loop i was getting earlier)22:55
amaury_str_ is not array22:55
timotimooh, of course22:55
amaury_str_ is probably the array item22:55
CIA-8003timo 07roundup * 10#1138/in numpypy, strings fundamentally don't work: 22:57
CIA-80[new] npp.array("foo") or even npp.array("f") will enter an infinite loop.22:57
CIA-80npp.str_("test") will succeed, but the result is not printable and s ... * 14https://bugs.pypy.org/issue113822:57
timotimothere it is22:57
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