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Alex_Gaynoramaury_: the slice fix wasn't enough, there are apparently even more bugs :/00:02
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fijal__pv: yes, but the current representation will probably be constant folded by the JIT to strides at a compile time00:56
fijalit's unclear whether we want to use this explicitly (maybe)00:57
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fprimexfijal! I want to get to contributing soon but work has kept me very busy01:01
fprimexhopefully next week I can do some more. can you give me a crash course some time?01:02
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Nick change: Gulaway -> Gulopine01:15
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kenaan12arigo default 11eb27c44ca6ad 15/pypy/jit/backend/x86/: - add in the backend, for binary instructions, a memo function   that returns True if there is any NAME_xy that cou...09:12
kenaan12arigo default 115478d1f631fa 15/pypy/jit/backend/x86/: Add tests for two special cases of "MOV" in INSN().09:12
kenaan12arigo default 11665b14e5263a 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/: merge heads09:12
arigatohakanardo: there is still one failure in test_optimizeopt.py09:13
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kenaan12arigo stm 11755507f9382b 15/pypy/: Improve targetdemo.09:26
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stakkars_good morning, guys. I'm a bit late,09:30
stakkars_will come around 11:1509:30
stakkars_arigato: hi, is Laura not there?09:31
stakkars_jacob22_: good morning09:31
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arigatostakkars_: hi09:34
arigatoyes, she's around somewhere09:34
stakkars_will do a phone call and then come over.09:35
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jacob22_stakkars_: Goodmorning.09:44
bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-32/builds/182109:50
kenaan12hakanardo default 11d0466dedbb14 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/optimizer.py: interning ints aswell09:51
kenaan12hakanardo default 119f81b789732c 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/test/test_optimizeopt.py: test short preamble and non constant case aswell09:51
kenaan12hakanardo default 11ce8c2eb5ccba 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/optimizer.py: corner case not handled very well09:51
kenaan12hakanardo default 115fb2ee9b17b4 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/optimizer.py: dissable for now, it makes test_convert_from_SmallFunctionSetPBCRepr_to_FunctionsPBCRep fail09:51
kenaan12hakanardo default 11569f16f25b1b 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/: alternative fix that does not rely on interning ints09:51
kenaan12hakanardo default 118b75e3ece413 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/: allow setarrayitem to update the cache exported from the preamble to the loop the same way setfield does09:51
kenaan12hakanardo default 119aea5197a2d6 15/pypy/jit/backend/x86/: hg merge09:51
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cfbolzarigato: more sprinters now?09:55
arigatohakanardo just showed up09:55
arigatostill waiting for anto09:55
arigatoand christian09:55
antocuni_how is the temperature btw?09:55
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arigatomarc replies: 11 +/- 2 °09:57
antocuni_not too bad :-)09:58
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fijalarigato: I'm not coming :(10:09
fijalnot completely ok10:09
fijalbut letting you know10:09
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fijalarigato: what's on the sprint so far?10:11
kenaan12arigo stm 1165eb6e47e3b4 15/pypy/translator/stm/: Tweaks.10:11
arigatoI suppose it's pointless to ask you for a justification so I just accept it10:12
fijalnot that I have to justify it obviously :)10:12
arigatoof course10:12
fijalbut anyway, combination of issues really10:12
fijala combination10:12
antocuni_fijal: :-((10:12
fijalI could come on Sat, but then it breaks some of my other plans10:13
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fijalsince originally I planned to live the sprint on 8th10:14
fijalI should work on multidim arrays and the release10:15
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kenaan12arigo stm 110524190818dc 15/pypy/translator/stm/: Yay, the first example of RPython program that runs successfully on multiple threads.10:18
vertearigato: well done10:18
cfbolzarigato: is it any faster? :-)10:18
cfbolz(just kidding)10:18
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fijalarigato: do you feel like reviewing justin's branch about memory pressure?10:24
xorAxAxcfbolz: it runs in O(1) :)10:25
xorAxAxbecause of the sleep10:25
xorAxAxif you neglect the spawn time10:25
arigatoah right, I can fix this easily without using locks10:26
fijalarigato: ok, I'll review it, didn't know you're the only core dev on the sprint10:28
kenaan12arigo stm 1165545adde075 15/pypy/translator/stm/test/targetdemo.py: A poor man's lock: just use a regular counter and check it every second. As it's all protected by STM it works nicely.10:28
arigatofijal: so far, antonio is not here10:28
arigatofijal: as usual there are live discussions going on, sorry for not being present (this sentence was interrupted twice while I was writing it too :-)10:30
fijalit's ok :)10:30
fijalarigato: feel free to offload some work that can be done remotely to me10:30
xorAxAxhehe, "collected"10:32
xorAxAxis an interesting swedish name10:32
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antocuni_arigato: just to be sure that you are not waiting for me today: I'm arriving tomorrow10:34
kenaan12hakanardo default 11d9708bf78c40 15/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt/: break up circular dependencies among short_boxes and give up10:34
arigatoah sorry, misread the people.txt10:35
antocuni_around 12:3010:35
kenaan12arigo stm 11b30caa32b11c 15/pypy/translator/stm/: kill these two C functions.10:38
kenaan12arigo stm 11b4212b951b97 15/pypy/translator/stm/src_stm/et.c: Break a line that is definitely too long in the log.10:38
arigatocfbolz: stm: I would expect this simple example to have the same complexity as the C examples, i.e. around 6-7 times slower10:39
arigatoso in order to see any speed-up you'd need at least 8 real cores10:40
cfbolzarigato: so you only need an 8-core?10:40
cfbolzand something else than boehm10:40
arigatotannit is probably not enough, as it's an 8-core 4-cpus10:40
arigatotrue, although the pressure on the GC should be reasonable in this demo10:40
Da_Blitzdo overheads go up as you add cores?10:41
arigatonot that I know10:41
fijalarigato: have you seen a recent comment on pypy's blog about STM?10:41
fijal"We are actually working on implementing this directly into stailaOS."10:41
fijaland a link10:41
cfbolzbit obscure10:41
cfbolzalso seems not open source10:41
arigatoDa_Blitz: basically the main constant per-core overhead is the need to transfer the global "version number" between cores10:41
arigatoDa_Blitz: which means that the current stm implementation does not really really scale to large numbers of cores10:42
arigatobut the limit is probably large enough for now :-)10:42
xorAxAx"It is an ideal solution for applications like real-time analytics, high frequency trading systems and many more."10:43
vertehopefully, with the jit involved, it will be possible to step up the grain size10:45
arigatoa bit no clue what "this" means in the sentence "We are actually working on implementing this directly into stailaOS."10:45
arigatoverte: yes10:45
santagada (~leonardo@ joined #pypy.10:46
fijalarigato: I suppose "the topic of the blog post"10:46
fijalor "stm"10:46
fijalbut well10:46
fijalwhat do I know10:46
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fijalarigato: what about a different approach - malloc would grow a flag add_memory_pressure that can be either a bool (True) or an int (size)?10:58
fijalbecause we might do a different thing depending whether we allocate new stuff in nursery or not11:00
fijalwe can just check where the object is I suppose11:00
fijalI still wonder what to do with stuff that increases memory pressure, but lives in nursery11:00
fijalforcing major collection faster does not seem like a perfect solution11:01
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dalke1Hi! Had work this morning and figured that hour trip in to down and back for the sprint wouldn't be that helpful. I'll be working on ctypes bindings for blas/lapack/etc.11:03
JaredWhi, what's the status of "the STM Vinnova project"11:03
fijaldalke1: hi11:03
arigatodalke1: great11:04
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arigatoJaredW: hi11:08
arigatonothing is known so far11:09
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kenaan12hakanardo default 11a27a481ec877 15/pypy/module/: only use a single counter in xrange iterators (should save a setitem)11:59
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kenaan12arigo stm 11e76f2b79fd27 15/pypy/translator/stm/src_stm/: Baaaaah.  setjmp() cannot be called on a jmp_buf that belongs to a parent frame, because then longjmp()ing to it will n...12:26
kenaan12hakanardo step-one-xrange 116cf1ae5ff5d6 15/pypy/module/__builtin__/functional.py: special case xrange without any step specified12:28
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: we aren't ready to release, a freshly translated pypy can't be used to translate again, it's another str bug12:54
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: I've been using http://paste.pocoo.org/show/502233/ to see it, not my progress os far :/13:00
Action: Alex_Gaynor -> class13:00
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dalkeI have been investigating what needs to be done to get the BLAS bindings working.13:26
dalkeBLAS is a set of low-level routines for linear algebra. It's implemented by a number of packages.13:27
dalkeIt's always set up as a library interface, with a specific API.13:27
dalkeI implement a ctypes interface to "level 1" BLAS functions yesterday, and looked for some way to validate them.13:28
dalkeThe validation suite is a FORTRAN program which calls the library. Having Fortran call pypy? Mmmm, not so much.13:28
dalkeSciPy has some validation code for the blas interface. I pulled it out, and realized that they have a slightly higher-level interface to blas. For example,13:29
dalkesrotg() in blas takes 4 arguments. Two are inputs (specified as pointers, since that's what FORTRAN does) and two are outputs.13:29
dalkeSciPy makes this be a function which takes two parameters and returns two parameters.13:30
dalkeSo I dug into how SciPy does it. It's through the f2py program. One thing that f2py does is create a C extension from an interface file, written in the "pyf" format.13:31
dalkeOnly, SciPy doesn't have the needed pyf files. Instead, it generates them from a set of templates. This is because blas defines a family of functions; srotg takes single precision floats, drotg takes double precision floats, and there are other prefixes for other data types.13:32
fijalyes, scipy has some obscure obscure templating systems13:33
dalkeThe template -> fpy translation is in scipy/linalg/interface_gen.py . There's a __main__ function, but it doesn't work. Remove the "fblas" from the process_all() function.13:33
dalkeNow that that's in place, I'm looking to see if I can use the f2py parser to get the code needed to generate a Python + ctypes interface to the library.13:34
dalkeChange "some" into "multiple"13:34
fijaldalke: good work btw :)13:35
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__pvporting f2py would be great, it's used quite a lot in wrapping ancient fortran codes. however, its implementation is a bit ... special, so good luck ;)13:39
dalkeThanks. BTW, for anyone who wants to generate the f2py Python extension code, here's the command-line:13:40
dalkef2py ~/ftps/scipy-0.10.0b2/scipy/linalg/cblas.pyf --build-dir blah13:40
gtaylor (~gtaylor@108-196-160-120.lightspeed.tukrga.sbcglobal.net) joined #pypy.13:40
dalkeThis would not be a port; I'm looking into writing an alternate back-end.13:40
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kenaan12fijal rgc-mem-pressure 1192885c7cf7b6 15/pypy/module/_hashlib/interp_hashlib.py: optimize it slightly. not look up the dictionary each time we see _digest_size13:50
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-32/builds/1822 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-64/builds/687 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-app-level-win-x86-32/builds/536 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-linux-x86-32/builds/1085 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-linux-x86-64/builds/555 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-win-x86-32/builds/251 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-macosx-x86-64/builds/253 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]13:52
Nick change: Gulopine -> Gulaway13:53
fijalonce buildbots are done the branch is ready to be merged13:55
kenaan12arigo stm 117a7ae4b45135 15/pypy/translator/stm/transform.py: hum.14:00
kenaan12arigo stm 1116ac40bcfc6e 15/: hg merge default14:00
kenaan12arigo stm 11e6d9748a9589 15/pypy/: A few extra operations that are always allowed.14:00
arigatomy stm demo crashes (rarely) if run repeatedly for long enough14:03
arigatobut now I've figured out that the segfault occurs in boehm's malloc14:03
fijalnot thread safe?14:03
arigatowell it's supposed to be thread safe14:04
arigatobut well, we know that we already had troubles with Boehm14:04
fijalyes :(14:05
arigatoI'm still 50-50 about blaming Boehm or my program that could corrupt memory randomly14:05
arigatoah, I can also try using --gc=none14:05
Action: fijal expects armin to quit IRC shortly14:05
fijalarigato: what's stopping us from merging the IO branch?14:06
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fijaldid you follow up14:06
arigatogood, with --gc=none at least this small program doesn't explode my RAM14:07
fijalthis one14:07
fijalarigato: or you have nothing to do with it at all?14:07
arigatono, I didn't follow this branch14:07
fijalwell, it does something last time I looked14:08
fijalit *might* be non-exhaustive14:08
fijalI would still go for merging it, since it fixes some bugs14:08
kenaan12hakanardo step-one-xrange 113aaee477e4be 15/pypy/module/pypyjit/test_pypy_c/test_misc.py: test ensuring xrange iterator only produces a single setitem14:09
EnCuKou (~encukou@a91-156-243-246.elisa-laajakaista.fi) joined #pypy.14:09
arigatoif you reviewed it then it's ok I suppose14:10
Action: fijal will look again14:11
fijalI certainly did not review the last revision14:12
arigatoand yes, I agree that it fixes bugs so it's good :-)14:12
arigatoI'm a bit confused though14:13
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-app-level-linux-x86-32/builds/1418 [12hakanardo, step-one-xrange]14:13
fijalwith what?14:15
fijalwith "why can't we deal with it in a more systematic manner"?14:15
fijalor "why do we have 17 ways to buffer files"?14:15
arigatoyes, about the systematic manner14:18
fijalI agree14:18
fijalbut I guess it boils down to the second question14:19
arigatonot necessarily14:19
rguillebert (~rguillebe@ joined #pypy.14:19
arigatohow is file.read() with no argument defined to work in CPython if it gets EAGAIN?14:20
mcdonc (~mcdonc@cabana.palladion.com) joined #pypy.14:20
fijalI think it tries to repeat14:20
arigatoah no, it does the same as 30fe8615eee114:21
arigatobut it checks for EWOULDBLOCK in addition to EAGAIN14:22
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antocuni__ (~antocuni@host44-121-dynamic.10-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) joined #pypy.14:22
arigatobut CPython does it only here, instead of everywhere14:23
fijalbut it does the same on the say socket no?14:23
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fijalyou mean EWOULDBLOCK is only here?14:23
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arigatoI have no clue about sockets for now14:24
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arigatoI don't see anything that would justify e.g. bf0c77b5c906, because CPython doesn't seem to do it14:26
kkris (~kris@93-82-36-194.adsl.highway.telekom.at) joined #pypy.14:28
arigatohum, or more precisely, there is nothing specific to EAGAIN or EWOULDBLOCK about it in CPython14:29
arigatoI agree that it's careful to not loose data14:29
arigatobut it does so for any exception14:29
arigato...or I'm not sure :-)14:30
arigatoI *think* that in CPython if in the middle of your readline() you get EAGAIN, then the start of the line is lost14:30
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arigatobut I have no real clue, it needs to be checked carefully14:31
fijalI would say it's a CPython hard-to-reproduce bug14:31
exarkunreading from what kind of file?14:31
arigatomy point is only that I'm trying to figure out if PyPy handles all the cases that CPython does handle,14:32
exarkunpresumably if you do socket.makefile().readline(), an EAGAIN doesn't lose the beginning of the line - otherwise people would lose half their lines all the time.14:32
arigatoand possibly create more CPython bug reports while I'm at it :-)14:32
arigatosocket.makefile() is a completely different beast anyway14:33
arigatoit's not at all a file object14:33
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exarkunso only normal on-disk files are in question here?  It's certainly not impossible to get EAGAIN on a read from one of those, but it's definitely not very common.14:34
arigatoit's based on sock.recv(), which I guess is not raising EAGAIN but EINTR14:34
fijalexarkun: NFS?14:34
exarkunfijal: Possibly sometimes, yea.14:34
exarkunAlso fuse.14:34
fijalindeed it is less common14:34
exarkunI think the common surprising NFS error is ENOTCONN14:35
exarkunNormal filesystems like ext4 and VFAT probably never give you EAGAIN on a read though.14:35
arigato...no, I'm just confused: looking at the CPython's Lib/socket.py, if a recv(1) gets you a EWOULDBLOCK then the line is lost14:35
fijalmeh :/14:37
fijalnon pep-8 commits are annoying14:39
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Action: whitelynx can agree with that14:40
whitelynxfijal: do you use vim?14:41
fprimex (~fprimex@brent-macbook.sc.fsu.edu) joined #pypy.14:41
whitelynxaah ok14:42
fijalit's more than just that14:42
fijalcreating strings by concatenation is not good either14:42
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whitelynxaah yeah14:42
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whitelynxwell, if anyone here uses vim and wants to check code with pep8 and pyflakes, I put together a vim plugin a while ago based on pyflakes.vim: http://projects.g33xnexus.com/pychecks-vim/wiki/14:44
whitelynxi think it'll be moving to bitbucket soon, when i get time to convert the repo14:44
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fijalwhitelynx: I use the emacs equivalent14:45
fijalI'm using even14:45
whitelynxcool :)14:45
fijalthe thing is I can see where it's wrong, I just don't want to fix all the places myself14:45
whitelynxthat's understandable14:46
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arigatofijal: well, in summary, someone needs to look carefully at what CPython guarantees and make sure we cover the same guarantees, and possibly report back as a CPython bug report the missing parts14:55
bbot23Success: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-32/builds/1822 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]14:55
bbot2Started: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-32/builds/1823 [12hakanardo, step-one-xrange]14:55
arigatofijal: from this 10-minutes look it seems to me that just 30fe8615eee1 is enough to cover the same cases as CPython does (but EWOULDBLOCK is missing)14:56
exarkunfwiw, `errno.EWOULDBLOCK == errno.EAGAIN` is true most of the time ;)14:58
arigatoI see :-)14:58
kenaan12ctismer win64 test 1119ea93d6b3ae 15/: merge default14:58
arigatoalso, it can be tested directly:14:59
arigatoyou need your own subclass of Stream with a method read() that returns characters or raises EAGAIN at the correct time14:59
arigato(I didn't look at how it's tested in stefano's branch but it seems different)15:00
arigato(feel free to paste any of my comments back to the pull request)15:01
fijalarigato: I think amaury complained about direct tests15:08
fijalis there a way to take a few checkins and park them on a branch?15:09
arigatoin this case, you cannot successfully hope to refactor streamio.py without direct tests15:09
kenaan12ctismer win64_gborg 115179e1483dfb 15/: continuing win6415:15
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fijalarigato: I agree15:17
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Alex_Gaynorhey all :)15:21
fijalAlex_Gaynor: hey15:21
fijalAlex_Gaynor: descr_str is full of nonsense :(15:21
Alex_Gaynorfijal: so talk to matti, perhaps ask him to move it to a branch?15:22
fijalyes, preferably15:22
fijalhe can finish fixing it, but then he should move15:22
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kenaan12fijal numpy-multidim 11fa14e6831e42 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/: kill a function that was only used by one test. a bit pep-8ify, not too much though15:29
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: so far the only way I have to reproduce this is to translate pypy itself, is there a saner way to get the JIT log than to urn with PYPYLOG=jit-log-opt:x.pypylog and pray my HDD doesn't explode?16:24
fijalno :(16:24
fijalwe lack some reasonable API16:24
fijalyou can try to reuse the hooks I put there on applevel?16:24
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kenaan12hager ppc-jit-backend 11a82d9737ffe8 15/pypy/jit/backend/ppc/ppcgen/: (bivab, hager): Fixed enoying error which occurred at calls because of the backchain.16:35
kenaan12hager ppc-jit-backend 110dbe1538b91a 15/pypy/jit/backend/ppc/ppcgen/: merge16:35
fijalcan I use precompiled regexes in RPython?16:37
Alex_Gaynorfijal: you mean using rsre?16:37
Alex_GaynorI think it uses the same code as the host CPython, but I doubt that's guarnteed16:38
Alex_Gaynor(or the host pypy)16:38
fijalno, in an RPython program16:38
Alex_Gaynorright, I'm saying if you compile it with the host I think you can still eval it with rsre16:39
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Rhy0liteAlex_Gaynor: see pvt16:39
fijalRhy0lite: hi16:40
Alex_Gaynorgot it16:40
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Alex_GaynorAnyone know how long it takes to do a `make bootstrap; make -k check` cycle on GCC?16:50
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bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-app-level-linux-x86-32/builds/1418 [12hakanardo, step-one-xrange]16:51
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Alex_Gaynora fresh GCC checkout of trunk is 1.5GB17:01
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bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-linux-x86-64/builds/555 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]17:05
kenaan12arigo stm 11497d967a02c3 15/pypy/translator/stm/: In-progress17:07
kenaan12hakanardo jit-targets 11505538a47fdb 15/pypy/jit/: introduce targets that can be placed somewhere in a trace that can be used jump targets17:08
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Alex_Gaynorhakanardo: the objective of this is to fold the tails of loops?  effectively giving you diamond control flow17:17
hakanardo_that's one objective yes17:18
hakanardo_the other is a cleaner way to retrace loops17:18
fijalI think I have a bit too much fun with parsers17:23
Alex_Gaynorfijal: compiling GCC is scarier.17:23
fijalAlex_Gaynor: are you fixing it?17:23
Alex_Gaynorfijal: trying, I'm not even managing to compile it ATM though17:23
fijaldoes that sound like some sort of an old bug?17:24
fijalI think I forgot to merge default17:24
rguillebert (~rguillebe@ joined #pypy.17:24
Alex_Gaynorfijal: yes, that's an old bug, armin fixed it ages ago17:25
fijalseems rgc-mem-pressure is good to go17:26
Alex_Gaynorso hg merge it :)17:26
Alex_Gaynorcool, I now have a 1.6GB pypylog17:27
Alex_Gaynorfijal: eh, I think I might be killing tannit with a search in vim17:29
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mattipfijal: ping17:44
fijalmattip: pong17:45
fijalI have few issues regarding the str changes17:45
mattipHit me with it.17:45
fijalpep 8 is the first thing17:46
fijalhe other thing is building strings with concatenation - it's not a great idea17:46
fijaleither use str.join(list)17:46
fijalor StringBuilder17:46
mattipOK, would you like me to fix it?17:47
fijalyes please17:48
mattiplooking at the code, what would be a better fit, StringBuilder vs join?17:49
Alex_Gaynorfijal: going through a 1.6GB logfile sucks17:49
fijalStringBuilder is better17:49
mattipOK, I will commit something a bit later.17:50
bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-linux-x86-32/builds/1086 [12hakanardo, step-one-xrange]17:54
bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-app-level-win-x86-32/builds/536 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]17:57
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kenaan12arigo stm 11a45743e6ee4e 15/pypy/translator/stm/: Test and fix.18:03
kenaan12arigo stm 11b27ec3dc59d2 15/pypy/translator/stm/: Yay!  targetdemo is fixed and seems to be working. Added a test for it.18:03
kenaan12hakanardo jit-targets 111860421891fe 15/pypy/jit/: use TargetToken to refere to a target18:06
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fijalarigato: ping18:08
fijalhow can I use regular expressions in RPython?18:09
fijalprecompiled ones are fine18:09
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arigatoyou can precompile them using the 're' module18:10
fijaland then match on them should work?18:11
arigatosee the tests18:11
fijalI seem not to be able to put a bunch of them in a list18:11
fijalbut hey, unrolling iterable18:11
arigatobasically you need test_match.get_code(), which should ideally be moved outside the test file18:11
bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/pypy-c-jit-macosx-x86-64/builds/253 [12fijal, rgc-mem-pressure]18:12
arigatoget_code() returns something RPython-ish that can be passed to rsre_core.match()18:12
arigatodon't try to have real regexp objects in your RPython programs18:12
arigatoI think that get_code() just returns a list of integers18:13
fijala bit obscure18:13
arigatono, it's just that the function should move somewhere else18:13
arigatoso far it's only used in these tests18:14
fijalsre_compile_hacked is a very obscure hack18:14
arigatoyes, completely18:14
arigatobut a localized one :-)18:14
arigatoI didn't find any other way to do that18:14
fijalrsre/__init__.py as a place?18:15
fijalwhere should I put it18:16
arigatoah, no18:17
arigatoour __init__.py files are empty as a rule18:17
fijaltranslator/platform/__init__.py is not18:18
arigatojust make a new module18:18
arigatoyes, it's the only exception and I'm not too happy about it :-)18:18
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fijalit's also full of state18:19
fijaland I'm not too happy about that either18:19
fijalI guess that was my idea :)\18:19
Alex_Gaynorgrrr, I still have no idea where the bug is :(18:20
fijalany idea about a name?18:20
arigatofijal: pick one :-)18:21
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fijalpom pom pom18:21
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tilgovi (~randall@couchdb/developer/tilgovi) joined #pypy.18:25
fijalarigato: rlib.rsre.rpy18:29
arigatoif you want18:30
Alex_Gaynorarigato: are you aware of the fact that translation doesn't bootstrap ATM?18:31
stakkars_ (~tismer@213-65-251-34-no35.business.telia.com) joined #pypy.18:31
arigatoI remember reading it here, yes, but I didn't look.  I think fijal said it's related to vstring stuff18:31
Action: fijal didn't say that18:32
Alex_GaynorI think it's related to vstring, it looks like other vstring issues (i.e. characters being NUL for unknown reasons), but I haven't proved it18:32
elipsion (~elipsion@81-232-46-166-no38.tbcn.telia.com) joined #pypy.18:35
arigatotry to disable vstring -- I think you can even do it by saying "pypy --jit something"18:35
arigatopypy --jit enable_opts=X18:36
arigatofor X = the list of all optimizations apart from vstring18:36
Alex_Gaynorgood idea, unfortunately it takes ~45 minutes to reproduce the issue, the only thing I've found that shows it is translation so far18:37
Alex_GaynorI'll try later this evening18:37
arigatoeven translating smaller things than pypy doesn't show the problem?18:37
Alex_GaynorI'm not sure, I haven't tried yet :/18:37
kenaan12fijal numpy-multidim 116d64103f1147 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/: make compile use a real tokenizer - breaks test_zjit for now18:38
kenaan12fijal numpy-multidim 111582795d14f5 15/pypy/rlib/rsre/: shuffle code around. Now get_code lives outside of tests18:38
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pingvenoIs it possible to cross compile from Solaris to Linux x86_64? I have a nice beefy server available to me for building for Linux.18:43
fijalarigato: why is group in rsre_core marked as NOT_RPYTHON?18:43
pingvenoCS students don't take must processing power :)18:43
fijalI nicely rendered it completely unusable18:48
Rhy0litefijal: ping18:49
bbot24Failure: 15http://buildbot.pypy.org/builders/own-linux-x86-32/builds/1823 [12hakanardo, step-one-xrange]18:55
fijalRhy0lite: pong18:55
fijal6 minutes, not great18:55
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Alex_GaynorRhy0lite: pong19:03
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elipsionso, is this really where compilers are made or are you just making funny noises all day long?19:05
MostAwesomeDudeelipsion: It can't be both?19:06
apanda (~apanda@dhcp-45-222.EECS.Berkeley.EDU) joined #pypy.19:06
elipsionMostAwesomeDude: that depends of the compiler/noise ratio19:06
elipsionafter half an hour here, it's about 1:119:07
MostAwesomeDudeelipsion: Well, you're looking through a narrow window; I've been here for months, and there's a *lot* of useful chatter.19:08
MostAwesomeDudeMaybe people are just doing other things in life at this particular moment. :319:08
elipsioni kind of guessed ;)19:09
elipsionisn't there supposed to be a sprint going on as well?19:10
MostAwesomeDudeMaybe. I don't track sprints since I'm geographically removed.19:11
Alex_GaynorThere is one.19:11
MostAwesomeDudeI thought there was one this weekend, or maybe last weekend?19:11
Rhy0liteAlex_Gaynor: pong19:22
Alex_GaynorRhy0lite: I can't seem to get gcc to compile, any idea what "fatal error: bits/predefs.h: No such file or directory" indicates?  google isn't helpful on the matter19:23
Rhy0litegcc trunk is in sort of a bad state at the moment because a directory reorg yesterday19:24
Alex_Gaynorah, perfect19:24
exarkunl2branch nubs19:24
Alex_Gaynorhuh, svn up seems to have resolved it19:25
k_bx (~k_bx@ joined #pypy.19:25
Alex_Gaynornevermind, still fails :)19:25
Rhy0liteRichi's proposed patch is fairly easy, I think19:26
Rhy0litefrom his comment 18 in the bugzilla19:26
Alex_GaynorI suspect so as well, but I'd like to get gcc compiling first :)19:26
Rhy0liteyes, but we can talk theoretically19:26
Rhy0litebasically change if (!DECL_ARTIFICIAL (lab))19:27
Alex_Gaynorerr, I gotta run to calss now,but I can do so in 20 minutes :)19:27
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Rhy0liteto also test for the new flag19:27
Rhy0litewe can chat later19:27
Rhy0liteAlex's proposed change is more involved19:27
kenaan12fijal numpy-multidim 11b6ce14bbf83d 15/pypy/: make parser not rpython (we'll think about it later) and use the same trick as we used in test_newgs. Runnin...19:29
kenaan12fijal default 1119bc61988c39 15/pypy/: Merge rgc-mem-pressure. This branch adds memory pressure in some crucial points where C allocates a lot, but struct...19:35
kenaan12fijal rgc-mem-pressure 110ede8b92968e 15/: closed merged branch19:35
kenaan12fijal default 118ecb5f0cd990 15/pypy/: merge default19:35
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Action: fijal has a reasonable test_zjit for multidim arrays19:37
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: how long does it take?19:43
kenaan12mattip numpy-multidim 117dbb08ac308d 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/interp_numarray.py: pep-8, use StringBuilder19:46
kenaan12mattip numpy-multidim 118e0658ce330e 15/pypy/: Merge str and repr cleanup19:46
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mattipfijal: Take a look?19:47
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fijalAlex_Gaynor: how long does what take?19:57
fijalmattip: ok19:57
Alex_Gaynorfijal: running zjit tests19:57
fijalAlex_Gaynor: not any longer19:58
Alex_Gaynorfijal: so that's what, 30 seconds or something?19:58
fijal19s one19:59
fijal25 all19:59
fijalAlex_Gaynor: max/min is broken20:00
fijalit creates slow bridges20:00
Alex_Gaynoron default?20:00
kenaan12arigo stm 11e67329e4d516 15/pypy/: setarrayitem.20:00
kenaan12arigo stm 11104a651020e1 15/pypy/: getarrayitem.  Disabled for now because it's missing the C impl.20:00
fijalwell, yes20:00
kenaan12arigo stm 11d5f6a1b6e66c 15/pypy/translator/stm/test/test_funcgen.py: Start a test for the complicated logic in funcgen.py, even though it mirrors closely the (tested) logic in rstm.py.20:00
Alex_Gaynorhow do you make it not create bridges?20:00
fijalbut tests on default are not updated20:00
fijalI dunno20:00
fijalor make bridges better?20:00
Alex_Gaynorare bridges that bad?20:00
fijalthey fail the test20:00
fijalrun it with --viewloops20:00
fijalon numpy-multidim20:01
kenaan12hakanardo default 117202b0d9cb70 15/pypy/module/__builtin__/: fix an overlow bug20:03
kenaan12hakanardo default 117cd8e99541db 15/pypy/: hg merge20:03
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Action: fijal ponders if there is a way that avoids division20:17
Alex_Gaynorfijal: a way o what?20:18
fijalway of handling multidimensional arrays20:18
fijalI'll read about strides20:18
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: someone explained something about them yesterday, apparently numpy uses the same storage for slices as arrays20:24
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mwhudson (mwh@linaro/mwhudson) joined #pypy.20:25
fijalif you modify a slice, you modify the original array20:25
Alex_Gaynorfijal: right but I'm saying they use the same C struct to represent them both20:26
Alex_Gaynorso perhaps we should look into copying their representation, as I bet it works well with  fortran and other libs20:26
fijalthe representation (as in memory layout) is well known20:27
fijalwe use the same20:27
Alex_Gaynoreven for slices?20:27
fijalone of the two anyway20:27
fijalslices don't introduce a new memory layout20:27
fijaland I don't think fortran code cares about any sort of meta-info20:28
fijalwell, I *do* know20:28
dalke (~Adium@c-2ec2b474-74736162.cust.telenor.se) joined #pypy.20:32
fijalcan you always express a view of a view as a single view?20:32
fijalI guess yes20:32
Alex_GaynorI hope so, but I don't swear to it20:33
mattipI am pretty sure it works, that's why my to_str recursively calls itself with a narrower view of the original ndarray20:34
fijalI know it works20:36
fijalI'm just thinking maybe we can make it easier20:36
fijalmattip: pep8 please as well :)20:37
mattipThe 'numpy NDimArray branch implemented indexing wit a vector in setitem getitem rather than a single index,20:37
mattipso there is no division.20:38
fijalmattip: what editor do you use?20:38
mattipvim, irc in ChatZilla20:38
fijalyou can install yourself some sort of vim extension that will color stuff if it's not pep820:39
fijalit uses pep8 and pyflakes, based on flymake20:39
Action: fijal will look into strides tomorrow20:39
mattipI did pep8 the interp_numarray.py, all the code I wrote passed.20:40
mattipI didn't want to touch stuff written by others, since the web site says20:41
mattipsomething about "almost pep-8, use the current code as an idea of what is accepted"20:41
fijaldescr_repr misses spaces after commas20:43
fijalI can add them20:43
fijalmattip: otherwise looks good so far20:44
kenaan12fijal numpy-multidim 11a5e0435c51ef 15/pypy/module/micronumpy/interp_numarray.py: pep820:44
fijalmattip: can't isinstance be substituted with a method?20:44
fijalalso you don't have to check if to_str == '[]'20:45
fijalmeh :/20:45
Action: fijal nicely crashed py.test20:45
fijalmattip: I'll call it a day, it works nicely20:45
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fijalit definitely can be simplified though :)20:46
fijalbut it's definitely beyond my current abilities20:47
mattippleasant dreams20:47
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kenaan12fijal pypy.org[extradoc] 11a86881b1306a 15/: update numbers20:51
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Insectoid (~Q@c-98-230-33-116.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) joined #pypy.21:02
InsectoidI'm probably going to say something stupid -- I ask forgiveness ahead of time. 21:02
fijalInsectoid: that's ok :)21:02
timonatoryeah, i did that a few times myself and nobody was mad at me21:03
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InsectoidSo, I've been trying to build wxPython with PyPy. I've had some interesting luck. The first issue I ran across is that the PyPy headers define ob_refcnt as a long. An int was expected -- I think this may be a case of not using Py_ssize_t, which seems to be an int on windows and a long elsewhere, but I honestly don't know much about C so I could be wrong.21:05
fijalI don't actually know :)21:07
fijalInsectoid: is it actually a problem?21:07
fijalor just a warning?21:07
InsectoidNext, PyClassObject, the struct from pypy_decl, is missing several fields (or is if it's supposed to take the place of the one from classobject.h. wxPython is specifically complaining about cl_bases -- I presume the list of base classes, which doesn't appear to be there.21:08
InsectoidIt is a problem, yes, I get build errors.21:08
InsectoidShould I pastebin a build?21:09
fijalhave you seen this?21:10
fijalInsectoid: I doubt I can help21:10
fijalmaybe amaury_ 21:10
InsectoidYeah, that's what gave me the idea to even try this.21:10
fijaldid you apply the patch by chance?21:10
exarkunInsectoid: Open tickets in the issue tracker.21:10
Insectoid... Foollishly, I must not have read enough. I remember reading that like a year ago, I'll go check out a patch now. Told you I'd say something stupid ;-)21:11
amaury_Insectoid: on which platform are you compiling?21:12
amaury_Insectoid: for PyClassObject, I added #ifdef in wxPython code21:13
amaury_pypy is similar to Python3 in this area: no PyClassObject!21:13
Insectoidamaury_:  Windows, i'm patching now. 21:14
Insectoidamaury_:  I this #ifdef in the patch, or should I do it manually?21:14
amaury_it should be in the patch21:15
InsectoidFantastic. If this works I'll go bug them in #wxPython to please integrate this patch if you don't mind.21:15
amaury_wxPython is migrating to another system21:15
amaury_not SWIG-based21:16
InsectoidThe Phoenix thing?21:16
amaury_gives me headache21:16
InsectoidI didn't think that had actually gotten anywhere21:16
amaury_They say it works21:16
amaury_but Phoenix uses metaclasses with a tp_alloc slot21:16
amaury_and I'm fighting with cpyext to make this work21:17
apanda (~apanda@dhcp-45-222.EECS.Berkeley.EDU) joined #pypy.21:19
fijalamaury_: metaclasses in RPython are a mess :/21:19
amaury_in this case, it's not RPython21:19
amaury_because types are discovered at runtime21:19
amaury_IIRC it's not possible to define metaclasses in RPython21:23
amaury_I tried a long time ago21:23
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rekamso (~textual@63-228-127-70.dia.static.qwest.net) joined #pypy.21:33
amaury_Insectoid: did you manage to compile wxPython?21:34
fijalamaury_: well, we should fix that one day21:38
amaury_only if it's useful21:39
amaury_So far, we worked this around with applevel code21:39
fijalwell, the trend is to move more to applevel anyway21:40
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dalke (~Adium@c-2ec22819-74736162.cust.telenor.se) joined #pypy.21:44
Insectoidamaury_:  Patch was a bit stale, finally got it sorted (not very experienced in C, sorry it took so long.) Now all seems to work until we get to linking, at which point it can't find python27.lib -- how do I tell it to link against libpypy instead of libpython?21:48
fijalInsectoid: you compile it using pypy right?21:48
Insectoidfijal:  Yes.21:48
amaury_Insectoid: isn't there a .lib file in pypy-win32.zip?21:49
Insectoidwhere would I find this? In the pypy snapshot I downloaded, in the root? There is none.21:50
Insectoidaccording to cygwin's find, there are no .lib files in pypy-c-jit-48653-82489bdede61-win32> 21:51
fijalthere should be21:52
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daniloaf (~daniloaf@ joined #pypy.21:52
amaury_no, it's not automatic21:52
amaury_there  is a libpypy-c.lib, but it stays in /tmp/usession/testing-121:53
jokeyoi, approaching the 4,7 average again :) man this site is better than coffee in the morning :D21:54
InsectoidShould I be building with a different pypy?21:55
fijalamaury_: it should be bundled by package.py no?22:00
amaury_we should, yes22:01
amaury_but package.py does not look at /tmp/usession IIRC22:01
amaury_and the driver is already too complicated for me22:02
amaury_(the translation driver)22:02
fijalI can fix the driver22:02
fijalnot today though22:02
amaury_the funny part is that any version of libpypy-c.lib would work22:03
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amaury_it's even possible to build one quickly by hand22:03
amaury_err, with the help of the compiler of course22:04
InsectoidWhat, if anything, should I do now? Evidently the snapshot builds do not require what I need. Do the release builds? Can I build it myself? Do I need to get PyPy from bitbucket and translate it?22:06
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amaury_Insectoid: compiling pypy yourself is a good exercise anyway22:17
amaury_and it's probably necessary to use the same compiler for pypy and wxPython22:18
dalke1 (~Adium@c-2ec22819-74736162.cust.telenor.se) joined #pypy.22:21
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Insectoidamaury_:  I'm concerned as I am on Windows x64 and only have 4G of ram.22:21
tlynn (~tlynn@cpc6-cmbg14-2-0-cust121.5-4.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pypy.22:22
amaury_you'll need python 32bit anyway22:22
amaury_4G is enough22:22
InsectoidRighto, so clone from bitbucket, translate and package it? Do I have to do anything special to keep this lib I need?22:24
amaury_yes :-|22:24
amaury_in %TMP%\usession-*\testing_122:25
amaury_where all files are built22:25
amaury_there will be a libpypy-c.lib22:25
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amaury_your should copy it somewhere before this temp dir is deleted22:25
InsectoidShould I rename it to python27.lib? the linker command line specifically referenced that.22:26
amaury_yes, probably22:26
amaury_I'm sorry I used to know that very well22:26
InsectoidThank you for your help. Clone in progress, we'll see how this goes.22:26
amaury_but I don't have the win32 machine I had at the time22:27
amaury_Insectoid: you'll probably want to install third party libraries as well22:27
amaury_and compile them22:27
amaury_zlib, bz2, expat22:27
amaury_Please read this http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/windows.html22:28
Action: amaury_ -> bed22:30
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