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AdemanI wonder if this isn't finishing because untranslated I swap too much05:25
AdemanI'm "hung" at a PyString_AsString() operating on the same string as this05:25
AdemanPyString_Size(<* <C object Struct PyObject { c_ob_refcnt, c_ob_type } at 0x16f84758>>)->2097152005:25
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: looks liek armin fixed the twised regression06:30
fijalhave you seen what was that?06:30
Alex_Gaynorfijal: it was the letting **kwargs be traced iff `not kwargs`06:30
Alex_Gaynorthat code was removed because it broke (f**0)06:30
Alex_Gaynorerr f(**0)06:31
Alex_Gaynorbut now it does both correctly :)06:31
Alex_Gaynorfijal: did you see the sqlalchemy benchmark mike bayer made?06:31
fijalCreating cling, an interactive interpreter interface for clang06:31
fijalwow, that sounds cool06:31
fijalAlex_Gaynor: no, I did not06:31
Alex_Gaynorwith sqlite the issue is obviously ctypes, I want to look at some traces for pg800006:33
fijalisn't pg8000 also ctypes?06:33
Alex_Gaynorno, it uses raw sockets I think06:33
fijalah, ok06:33
fijalraw sockets are kind of slow06:33
fijalsomeone has to look into that06:33
Alex_Gaynoryes, but we're still faster :)06:33
Alex_Gaynorif it was ctypes and we were faster than pg8000 would need to have tons of nonsense to eliminate :)06:34
fijalsqlalchemy is scary btw06:34
Alex_Gaynoryes, a little, but it's pretty well done06:34
fijalI looked into tracebacks06:34
Alex_GaynorI suppoes PyPy developers shouldn't talk about scary06:34
fijaland it's all __gets__ and stuff06:34
Alex_Gaynorsounds like good for inlining :)06:34
fijalin a way our code is mostly rectangular06:34
Alex_Gaynoreh, what does that mean?06:35
fijalexcept we have all this fastpaths *until* you do stuff like this06:35
fijalI mean we don't use metaclasses for the fun of it06:35
fijalwe sometimes do06:35
fijalanyway, what sqlalchemy should do is to generate code by metaprogramming06:35
fijalit won't be fast with this level of dynamism06:35
fijallike use __setattr__ on object at object creation and not custom __getattr__06:36
fijalI can explain to zzzek if he's into listening06:36
Alex_GaynorHe probably would be, as long as it doesn't hurt on CPython06:36
Alex_Gaynorsince that's where most users are06:36
fijalyeah, it does not06:37
fijalit's usually a serious effort though06:38
Alex_GaynorI suppose suggest it, worst that happens is no one works on it.06:39
Alex_GaynorTODO.append I guess06:39
Alex_Gaynoreh, I love when people do semi-nonsense like `foo == None`06:40
fijalit depends what your goals are06:41
fijal"make sqlalchemy uber-fast on pypy"06:41
fijalor something else :)06:41
verteand real nonsense, like enjoy == True06:41
fijalverte: you can have a custom __eq__ on enjoy but not custom __nonzero__!!!06:41
Alex_Gaynorfijal: btw, what were you saying about numpy last night?06:42
fijalwhat what?06:42
vertefijal: well, there is no accounting for taste06:43
Alex_Gaynorsomething about "we can do better than that" I don't really remember, it was 4 in the morning06:43
fijalheh :)06:43
fijalI'm thinking about doing some stuff around micronumpy06:43
fijaland compile loops in real time06:43
fijalto have better locality06:43
Alex_Gaynorwhat does that mean "real time"?06:43
fijalso we can do better than providing just numpy.core06:44
fijallike a + b + c would become one loop and not 206:44
Alex_Gaynorand not allocate the intermediate array06:44
Alex_GaynorI suppose first we should just have numpy.core, because that's orthagonal to optimized a + b + c I think06:44
fijalyes and no06:45
fijalwell, I'll see06:45
Alex_Gaynoralready we sohuld be much faster if users write custom algorithms, since we can unbox06:45
kenaan03fijal 10r8008914 pypy/benchmarks 05A(/lib/mako/ .hgignore .hgtags CHANGES LICENSE MANIFEST.in README README.py3k distribute_setup.py /lib/mako/doc/ /lib/mako/doc/build/ Makefile /lib/mako/doc/build/builder/ __init__.py builders.py ...06:45
fijalI did not even start yet06:45
fijalbut users don't do that06:45
fijalI want out of line guards first06:45
Alex_Gaynordon't they? I don't do any numpy so I'm just guessing here06:45
kenaan03fijal 10r8009014 07M(pypy/benchmarks/benchmarks.py): Add mako benchmark ...06:46
fijalno, they're too slow06:46
vertewhich is why we have all these ufuncs06:46
CIA-903fijal 07roundup * 10#596/Adding Mako template engine benchmark to benchmarks.: [resolved] Added in 80090. Sorry it took so long... * 14https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue59606:47
Alex_Gaynorwell, with pypy it can be fast I guess06:47
fijalAlex_Gaynor: that does not matter06:47
fijalbesides, a + b + c is better than writing a loop06:47
Alex_Gaynori should stop inventing new work and help with jittypes I guess06:47
fijalI wonder what are rules for GCC vectorization btw06:48
fijaloh wow06:48
fijalthere are some docs06:48
Alex_Gaynorprobably the rules are whatever the current code does06:48
Alex_Gaynoro_O wow06:48
fijalgcc is so bad at docs that I usually don't even bother looking06:48
vertereading the gcc source is never enlightening06:49
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: W_Imap.w_func can be marked _immutable_fields_ right?06:54
Alex_Gaynoractually so can iterator_w right?06:56
Alex_GaynorI guess i should write tests06:57
fijalAlex_Gaynor: pfff, another case for optimizations06:57
fijalnote that removing guards is *always* good :)06:57
Alex_Gaynoryes, I'll write tests and commit later06:58
Alex_Gaynorpypy is the art of 3 second optimizations and then tests06:58
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fijalAlex_Gaynor: gcc accumulated such stuff over years and years06:59
Alex_Gaynorfijal: tests or optimizations?06:59
fijaland we're not yet at the level of "this asm intructions would be cooler"06:59
Alex_Gaynoryes someday we'll have to write better instruction scheduling, for now we can focus on big picture things06:59
Alex_Gaynorthings that I can fix with one line of code: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/307733/07:00
fijalhow you approach instruction scheduling at all?07:00
Alex_GaynorI don't know much, just that you use a DAG07:00
fijalfor some obscure reason chrome thinks that all stuff that has no other favicon is wikipedia07:00
fijalare itertools looked at?07:00
Alex_Gaynoryes, I have trace that shows it07:00
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fijalgood point on pypy-dev about pypy not showing up on "python performance" searches07:08
bobbyzfijal, just out of curiosity, what are out of line guards?  I've seen you mention that work a couple times now07:13
fijalbobbyz: guards that are not within your code07:14
fijalbut instead they invalidate assembler if you trip them07:14
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bobbyzhmm....trying to think that through.  Would that have to do more with freeing mem allocated for assembler that has been recognized as no longer useful then?07:17
fijalsort of07:18
fijalbut most gains come from the fact that you don't need all those annoying checks any more07:18
bobbyzahhhhh, ok, now I see07:19
bobbyzinteresting, I look forward to seeing that in action07:19
fijalwell, I'm kind of busy with my day job so it might take some time07:20
fijal(it's not hard, just annoying)07:20
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bobbyzgotcha, well I'm in no particular rush...I'm just fascinated by the different approaches each of you are taking07:24
bobbyzhakan with his loop unrolling07:24
bobbyzyou with these out of line guards07:24
bobbyzthe jit'd ctypes module...all sorts of interesting things in development07:24
bobbyzI'm slowly learning a bit more about the pypy code base as well, but don't have enough time during the day to really dive in07:25
fijalheh :)07:26
fijalwellcome to the club I feart07:26
bobbyzyeah, I envy those that are full-time supported to work on pypy07:26
bobbyzonly a handful though right?07:27
bobbyzArmin and a couple others?07:27
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fijalnoone is full-time07:28
fijalat most half-time07:28
fijaland it's armin anto and carl07:28
fijalwell, nothing stops you from doing a PhD and convincing your supervisor to work on PyPy07:28
bobbyzlol, yeah right  :)  See you in 5 years07:29
bobbyzsleep for me...good night, enjoy the coffee!  Hopefully it's good coffee...probably better than anything here in the US07:32
fijalnot sure07:32
fijallocals are not very big on coffee07:32
fijalgood night07:33
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CIA-903virhilo 07roundup * 10#596/Adding Mako template engine benchmark to benchmarks.: [chatting] thanks * 14https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue59608:17
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fijalsqlalchemy is sloooow08:41
ivanmake pypy generate entire ORM frameworks08:43
fijalivan: it's about writing stuff in a sane style08:44
fijal"reduce level of dynamism"08:44
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: sqlalchemy makes up for tons of python code with doing less SQL calls, I guess it's our job to make python fast :)09:01
fijalyes and no :)09:01
Alex_Gaynorwell our job with cooperation09:01
Alex_Gaynorgrumble http://paste.pocoo.org/show/307752/ stupid cpython09:06
fijalyeah, I know09:07
fijalit takes 26s to pack 1M of data09:08
fijalthat's *really* slow09:08
Alex_GaynorI was considering switching Django templates to use StringIO, but I can't really if it's slower on CPython :/09:08
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jell26s for only 1M?09:13
jellfijal: try it on something younger thatn 486dx6609:14
fijalcan I turn on somehow eXception on warning?09:17
Alex_Gaynorfijal: -Werror09:21
fijalit's slooooow09:25
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Ademanpy.py seems to hang on a cpyext call PyString_AsString() which at worst should be a memcpy, the string in question is about 2mb, is it plausible that ll2ctypes is struggling with this?09:28
fijalit does insane stuff09:30
Ademanthanks, I guess it's time to make sure my branch still translates anyways09:32
fijalthe dude asks on pypy-dev about missing attribute09:34
fijaland when I google what it does I get the very same post09:35
ivanAlex_Gaynor: how about an abstraction that uses += in CPython and cStringIO in pypy09:36
fijalAlex_Gaynor: honestly, looking at django templates, speed of string creation is by far not the most important part09:37
Ademanfor that matter, WHY is cStringIO too slow in CPython?09:37
fijalhow about making sure you dont' do a billion dict lookups?09:37
ivanAdeman: turning it into a str copies everything09:39
Alex_Gaynorfijal: I have a proposal somewhere for compiling django templates into nice python09:39
Ademanfijal: in numpy itemsize refers to the c value of an item, numpy.array([1,2,3], dtype=int).itemsize == 409:40
Ademaner I guess that probably doesn't apply to the long type09:40
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fijalthat's __itemsize__09:43
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Ademangrrr, debug_refcount somewhat needs kwargs10:04
Ademanactually, that stack frame nastiness can't be rpython anyways...10:05
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Ademan"[version:ERROR] No subversion revision number available!" Hehe, looks like I might need to sync with trunk :-)10:39
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fijalhow do I merge .hgignore from default to branch?10:53
ronnyfijal: you cant merge single files10:55
fijalthat kind of sucks10:55
fijalok, how do I copy .hgignore?10:55
ronnyi think you can use hg revert for a single file or hg cat10:56
fijal"hg revert"?10:56
fijalI have .hgignore on default10:56
fijaland no .hgignore on branch10:56
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fijalarigato: mornign11:17
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fijalPyPy does not support '?' in structs11:40
fijalwhich is apparently C type _Bool11:41
arigatodetails++ please11:44
fijalstruct.pack('?', 3) does nto work11:45
fijalit does work in CPython11:45
fijaland is documented11:45
arigatonot in Python 2.511:45
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CIA-903arigo * 6ae8db82e09f r40152 10bitbucket/.hgignore: 11:47
CIA-9Also ignore a top-level "bin" directory, which may be11:47
CIA-9created by "pypy setup.py install". * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/6ae8db82e09f/11:47
CIA-903arigo * 83ebeb857ddf r40153 10bitbucket/pypy/module/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Bump the version to 1.4.1. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/83ebeb857ddf/11:47
CIA-903arigo * e503e483e9ac r40154 10bitbucket/: Making the release branch. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/e503e483e9ac/11:50
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arigatowould be convenient if amaury was here :-(11:59
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Ademanhurgh hg push is slow12:04
CIA-903ademan * 2f54d43d54d6 r40155 10bitbucket/pypy/module/cpyext/test/test_floatobject.py: I must have been out of it when I wrote this test, PyFloat_FromString() takes a PyObject * * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/2f54d43d54d6/12:07
CIA-903ademan * 72d3c7738241 r40156 10bitbucket/pypy/module/cpyext/api.py: Changed logging cpyext calls to cpyext-call and moved function __name__ lookup to import time. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/72d3c7738241/12:07
CIA-903ademan * 8c5587a07805 r40157 10bitbucket/pypy/module/cpyext/floatobject.py: 12:07
CIA-9Implementation of PyFloat_FromString() is much closer to being correct, but the docs don't describe whether or not to set an error when it can't parse12:07
CIA-9the string. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/8c5587a07805/12:07
CIA-903ademan * dcafe3478e6e r40158 10bitbucket/pypy/module/cpyext/pyobject.py: Fixed translation errors coming from using kwargs. debug_refcount is slightly less nice, but when used with cpyext-call it should be nicer anyways. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/dcafe3478e6e/12:07
arigatoI guess we should really move cpyext development to its own branch12:08
arigatoinstead of having it done in 3 different places12:09
antocuniprobably it's the proper "mercurial way" to do things12:09
antocuniyou can then easily merge it into both trunk and fast-forward12:09
arigatowell it looks very wrong whatever vcs you use :-)12:09
antocuniarigato: no, I mean having a separate branch just for cpyext12:09
antocuni(basically, I agree with you :-))12:10
fijalI bet there are 7 people who would have their own opinions12:12
fijaleh :/12:14
antocuniso, it looks like emails are working fine now12:14
fijalI have multiple required versions of py.test12:14
Action: antocuni disables the bitbucket ones12:14
antocuniif you notice that you do a commit but don't receive the mail, please tell me12:15
arigatopom pom I hate windows but I'm past hating it *actively* nowadays12:16
fijalarigato: :)12:17
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CIA-903fijal * 1677c895cf0b r40160 10bitbucket/ (3 files in 3 dirs): 12:25
CIA-9Reproduce the problem caught by test_ztranslation here. Invalidation of single12:25
CIA-9bridge * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/1677c895cf0b/12:25
CIA-903fijal * a3422281e05e r40159 10bitbucket/pypy/jit/metainterp/ (test/test_basic.py test_outofline.py): Move out of line tests out of test_basic * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/a3422281e05e/12:25
antocuniuhm indeed, the payload sent by bitbucket contains the commit unsorted12:27
fijalgreat? :(12:29
antocuniwell, it's not to hard to sort them by revision12:30
arigatopom pom "hg clone" takes forever on this windows box12:32
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CIA-903antocuni * eafd7a336e51 r396 10bitbucket/bitbucket_hook/ (hook.py test/test_hook.py): make sure to send the emails sorted by revision number, because the bitbucket payload might be unsorted * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/buildbot/changeset/eafd7a336e51/13:02
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arigatothe 1.4.1 release files are there13:40
arigatofor linux13:40
arigatoif anyone feels like downloading them and checking them :-)13:40
arigato(also, side challenge: why are they 2MB larger than pypy-1.4?)13:40
Action: antocuni downloads13:41
antocuniarigato: different compression level?13:41
arigatothe mac32 is in "make", so it should follow shortly13:41
arigatoantocuni: uh?13:41
antocunito explain the different size, maybe one was built with bz2 -9 and the other wasn't13:42
arigatobut -9 is the default13:42
antocunithen I don't know :-)13:42
arigatono, it expands to something really bigger13:44
arigatoyes :-(13:44
antocunipypy 32 bit seems to work13:46
antocuniah, and sys._mercurial returns ('PyPy', 'release-1.4.1', 'e503e483e9ac')13:46
antocuniwhich I suppose it's nice13:47
arigatofijal: if you have a comment about strip, now is the time, otherwise I'm just going to hack it again13:47
arigato"use package.py and not make_release.py" is fine as an answer13:49
arigatoin that case I would love to see make_release.py disappear :-)13:49
arigatook, I see13:52
arigatocauses "strip -x" to be executed, even on linux, which still keeps 10MB of symbols in the executable13:52
arigatobut on Linux, cpyext seems to work fine even if the executable was fully strip'ed13:54
jelltry http://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/software/elfkickers.html sstrip13:54
antocuniit's a bit unfortunate that the tarballs extract to a directory which is different than their filename13:54
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antocunie.g., you cannot extract *linux and *linux64 in the same dir13:54
Action: arigato fixes that13:55
Action: arigato also fixes: let's call "strip -x" on mac and "strip" everywhere else13:55
arigatono clue what the exact rule is, however13:56
CIA-903arigo 07roundup * 10#587/[PATCH] Plain 'strip' in package.py breaks cpyext on Mac OS X: [chatting] 'strip -x' leaves behind a lot of symbols, making the Linux executables 10MB bigger than they need to be --- it seems that a full 'stri ... * 14https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue58713:57
CIA-903arigo * 42ea9c611870 r40161 10bitbucket/pypy/tool/release/package.py: 'strip' fun. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/42ea9c611870/14:00
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CIA-903arigo * 6078d6bed05a r40162 10bitbucket/pypy/tool/release/make_release.py: Updates. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/6078d6bed05a/14:08
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arigatoantocuni: ok, updated with really-strip'ed versions14:14
arigatoand added the macosx 32 version14:15
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kenaan03arigo 10r8009114 pypy/extradoc/pypy.org/source 07M(compat.txt download.txt features.txt index.txt): Release 1.4.1. ...14:28
kenaan03arigo 10r8009214 pypy/extradoc/pypy.org 07M(compat.html download.html features.html index.html): Regenerate html. ...14:29
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CIA-903arigo * 008b5cf5174c r40163 10bitbucket/pypy/doc/release-1.4.1.txt: Add the announcement for 1.4.1. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/008b5cf5174c/14:48
kenaan03arigo 10r8009314 06D(pypy/extradoc/planning/1.4.1.txt): Kill this file. ...14:48
kenaan03arigo 10r8009414 07M(pypy/extradoc/pypy.org/js/detect.js): Update. ...14:51
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Action: arigato reads speed.pypy.org -- we seem to have gained an overall 14% over the last two months, not bad14:55
arigato28% over 100 days14:55
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antocuniarigato: is the "Antocuni" in the release announcement supposed to be my nickname or my actual name?14:57
arigatofeel free to expand it to your actual name14:57
Action: antocuni does, also for ronny14:57
antocuniactually, for ronny I have to copy&paste it because I never managed to get it right :-)14:58
CIA-903antocuni * 79e4194c71d1 r40164 10bitbucket/pypy/doc/release-1.4.1.txt: put ronny first, and use the actual name because the capitalized Antocuni is really ugly :-) * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/79e4194c71d1/15:00
arigatosomething is still wrong with "os.openpty" & friends not showing up in translated pypys15:00
antocunidid you translate them with pypy?15:01
arigatoI even added asserts that they were really in interpleveldefs, and the asserts pass15:01
arigatobut in the end, they are just not here15:02
arigatogetloadavg() is there, for example, but not lchown() -- two recent additions15:03
antocunidoes this also mean that these are completely untested at applevel?15:04
arigatoor else we have modified the tests so long ago that we forgot them15:05
antocuniah, maybe they are tested but preceded by "if hasattr(os, 'openpty')..."15:05
arigatoyes, that's also likely15:05
antocuniarigato: what about 1) putting the sys.recusionlimit point higher in the list, because it's anyway a difference with cpython and it's better to highlight it rather than to hide and 2) saying that our mechanism is better because you cannot really segfault even if you try?15:08
arigato2) well, it's not completely clear that it's better, because you cannot go past the limit of 768KB (even on Linux where you can have 8MB of stack without problem)15:09
antocuniah, didn't know15:09
arigato(but it was already the case in all previous versions of pypy)15:09
arigatojust because we wrote "768KB" in src/stack.h15:10
arigatoI think on Windows the limit is closer to 1MB than 815:10
exarkundoes that mean it will segfault if you run pypy with a smaller stack limit than 768kB?15:10
exarkunpthread_attr_getstack pls15:11
antocuniok, so let's not say that it's better15:11
arigato"it's different"15:11
arigatoexarkun: we welcome contributions, as you know :-)  right now the issue is that writing "768*1024" is more portable than "pthread_attr_getstack()"15:12
exarkunI can't check out pypy anymore :(15:12
antocuniexarkun: why?15:13
exarkunbecause my hg is too old, I guess15:13
exarkunit doesn't support subthings15:13
antocuniah yes, if it's too old you have troubles with svn externals I think15:13
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arigatook, seems that pypy-1.4.1 really has posix.lchown() and others15:17
arigatoit's only missing openpty()15:19
arigatoI can only imagine by now some obscure issue, like posix.openpty() being undefined in the non-pty context of a buildslave translation15:19
exarkunthat'd be pretty weird15:19
exarkunnot exactly the same, but15:19
exarkun>>> os.popen('python -c "import os; print os.openpty"').read()15:19
exarkun'<built-in function openpty>\n'15:19
arigatoeeeeh.  I found it out15:19
arigato/usr/bin/python on tannit has no os.openpty15:20
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arigatowhy not??15:20
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CIA-903arigo * 4feaa37309b0 r40165 10bitbucket/pypy/doc/release-1.4.1.txt: 15:25
CIA-9* Reformat to a suitable e-mail width.15:25
CIA-9* Move sys.setrecursionlimit() earlier. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/4feaa37309b0/15:25
arigatoI'm trying a small custom extension module and it just segfaults at import-time on Mac OS X15:30
arigatobut it works fine on Linux15:31
arigatoit also works on CPython on Mac OS X15:34
antocuniuhm, is there a way to have a function call constfolded by backendopts?15:36
antocunisomething like @jit.purefunction, but at translation time15:36
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arigatocpyext does not work at all on Mac OS X15:49
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antocuniuhm, now I have a jit ffi test with long longs that mostly passes if I comment out the dump_storage() at the end of resume.finish16:09
antocunielse, I get an obscure "ValueError: Not a ctypes allocated structure" when trying to printing some box16:09
antocuniwhich seems to contain a dead array of chars (probably a void pointer?)16:10
arigatomust be more or less the first time we try to run untranslated metainterp tests with things like raw pointers16:12
antocuniah, ok16:12
antocuniI suppose it's when trying to jit this functions: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/307919/16:13
antocuni(btw, can you think of a better way to do it without allocating things?)16:13
antocuniI suppose I can add dont_look_inside16:13
antocuniuhm, no16:14
arigatono, it should already not look inside16:14
arigato(yes: by writing it in C directly, see pypy/rlib/rstack.py)16:15
antocuniyes, but it doesn't help, I still get the error16:15
arigato(sorry, it's in pypy/rlib/rmd5.py)16:15
arigatowell of course, adding dont_look_inside doesn't change anything16:15
arigatomoreover, written that way, it doesn't give standard-compliant C code16:17
arigatoa C compiler may decide to reorder the read before the write16:18
arigatoit's all a bit of a mess16:18
antocuniare you sure? I thought C compilers need to be pessimistic about aliasing16:18
antocunibut I agree that writing a bit of custom C code is probably a better idea16:19
antocuni(eheh, then it won't work on CLI :-))16:19
Action: antocuni off16:23
antocunisee you16:23
arigatosee you16:23
antocuniah, I committed but forgot to push :-)16:23
CIA-903antocuni * c4da81b326ca r40168 10bitbucket/pypy/ (5 files in 5 dirs): 16:23
CIA-9make test_slonglong_args "mostly" passing with the jit: it fails when trying16:23
CIA-9to print some debug info, it will probably be fixed by rewriting16:23
CIA-9longlong2float and float2longlong in C (which is a good idea anyway) * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/c4da81b326ca/16:23
CIA-903antocuni * 4a34e0e14528 r40166 10bitbucket/pypy/rlib/test/test_libffi.py: make the condition a bit clearer and more explicit * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/4a34e0e14528/16:23
CIA-903antocuni * 1651aae99e79 r40167 10bitbucket/pypy/rlib/ (libffi.py test/test_libffi.py): support for ulonglong * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/1651aae99e79/16:23
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CIA-903arigo * 9dc9d95b8be0 r40169 10bitbucket/pypy/doc/release-1.4.1.txt: 16:36
CIA-9cpyext does not work on Mac OS X. Document it as such and do the16:36
CIA-9release anyway. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/9dc9d95b8be0/16:36
CIA-903arigo * c407c9dc5382 r40170 10bitbucket/pypy/doc/release-1.4.1.txt: Mention it here too. * 14https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/changeset/c407c9dc5382/16:39
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[Benjamin_!Benjamin@plb95-4-82-243-70-171.fbx.proxad.net] test 20:54
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CIA-903dmalcolm 07roundup * 10#612/1.4.1 source tarball embeds .svn directories: [new] FWIW, the 1.4.1 source tarball contains numerous ".svn" metadata directories. $ md5sum ../../SOURCES/pypy-1.4.1-src.tar.bz2 ebbbb156b1eb842 ... * 14https://codespeak.net/issue/pypy-dev/issue61221:57
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Alex_Gaynorcool, all the fastforward test results are nonsense ATM :/23:53
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Alex_Gaynorfijal: ATM there are a much of failures in the _io lib (on fast-forward) like http://buildbot.pypy.org/summary/longrepr?testname=AppTestBufferedRWPair%28%29.test_constructor_with_not_writable&builder=own-linux-x86-32&build=1300&mod=test.test_bufferedio23:56
Alex_Gaynoris tehre a way to fix this besides adding __del__?23:56
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