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kenaan03hakanardo 10r7690714 pypy/branch/jit-bounds/pypy/jit/metainterp/optimizeopt 07M(optimizer.py rewrite.py): moved some optimizations infront of the heap optimizer ...05:27
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fijalhakanardo: hi08:12
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hakanardoI'm getting a failure in objspace.std.test.test_shadowtracking  AppTestMethodCaching().test_many_names that I don't know what to make of08:16
fijalhakanardo: can you reproduce this failure?08:16
hakanardoI could try08:16
fijalbasically this is a test that fails very rarely08:17
fijaland we never found out that it can cause any real problems08:17
hakanardoyou mean it's failing randomly?08:17
hakanardoRunning it localy it is successfull08:19
hakanardoNothing to worry about then?08:20
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fijalhakanardo: not much08:37
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kenaan03arigo 10r7690814 pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy 07M(rgc.py base.py markcompact.py semispace.py framework.py test_newgc.py): Translation of get_rpy_memory_usage(). ...09:16
arigatoha, the university wants to order a new laptop for me, but has trouble because Swiss keyboards are not found in the Euro zone09:24
hpkdo you actually require a swiss keyword? 09:26
arigatonot completely, it's close enough to the german keyboard09:26
kenaan03arigo 10r7690914 pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy 07M(base.py framework.py test_newgc.py): Translate rgc.get_rpy_typeid(). ...09:31
fijalarigato: do you need pictures on keys?09:33
fijalI doubt so09:33
kenaan03arigo 10r7691014 pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy 07M(rgc.py base.py framework.py test_newgc.py): Change rgc.get_rpy_typeid() into rgc.get_rpy_type_index(), ...09:35
kenaan03arigo 10r7691114 pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy/module/gc 07M(__init__.py referents.py test_referents.py): Expose get_rpy_type_index() to app-level. ...09:41
hpkgoogle.com is kind of fun today09:43
fijalhow do I find out mro of an oldstyle class?09:44
arigatoseems to be only google.de09:45
arigatofijal: inspect.getmro() is the easiest09:45
fijal(Pdb) inspect.getmro(v)09:46
fijal*** AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute '__bases__'09:46
arigatowell 'v' has to be a class, obviously09:46
fijalwell ok09:47
fijalbut the error does not make any sense even if I pass an object09:47
arigatoinspect.getmro(42)  -> 'int' object has no attribute '__bases__'09:48
arigatosounds like a correct error to me09:48
arigatoinspect.getmro() works also for "simulated" classes, a very old concept09:48
fijalexcept v is not an int09:50
fijalI'm seeing some strange behavior with regard to pypy09:50
arigatothat means anything with a __bases__ attribute09:50
arigatofeel free to explain more09:52
fijalI'm trying to understand09:52
fijal(Pdb) !v09:55
fijal<ASN1Codec SER[8]>09:55
fijal(Pdb) !v.__hash__09:55
fijal<bound method int.__hash__ of 8>09:55
fijal(Pdb) inspect.getmro(v.__class__)09:55
fijal(<class scapy.asn1.asn1.ASN1Codec at 0x0000000a>, <class scapy.utils.EnumElement at 0x00000006>)09:55
arigatoit's a subtype of int maybe?09:55
fijalthis is python09:55
fijalthis does not make a whole lot of sense to me09:55
verteis this app level?09:56
fijalthis is pure-python09:56
arigatofrom the message <bound method int.__hash__> it looks like it must be a subclass of int09:56
fijalverte: how it could be interp-level btw?09:56
fijalarigato: how is this a subclass of int not having int in bases?09:56
vertefijal: could be native (on top of python)09:57
arigatosomeone playing tricks with __bases__ maybe?09:57
arigatoremember that inspect.getmro() can be fooled, by fooling __bases__09:57
arigatotry to ask more directly09:57
arigatoe.g. issubclass(type(v), int)09:57
antocuniwow, google finally learned that even if I'm visiting google.de, it does not mean that I want it to be in german09:59
fijal(Pdb) isinstance(v, int)09:59
fijal(Pdb) v.__hash__09:59
fijal<bound method int.__hash__ of 7>09:59
fijal(Pdb) issubclass(v.__class__, int)09:59
fijalantocuni: only if you're logged in09:59
fijalarigato: that's pypy-c btw, but python looks similar09:59
arigatotry with type(v), not v.__class__10:00
antocunibah, why it cannot just follow Accept-Language?10:00
antocunifijal: ah no, it does10:00
fijalarigato: it's __getattr__10:01
arigatowhen you have an object 'v' that sounds strange, you must not do any getattr on it, but use e.g. type(v) which is not overridable10:02
verteit would be nice to have a way to get a special method at app level10:03
fijalarigato: sorry, I'm making shortcuts10:03
fijalthis is an example that works under cpython but bails out under pypy-c10:03
verteis the special method lookup algorithm different for new-style instances?10:04
verteer, old-style?10:04
arigatofijal: ah ha10:05
fijalverte: cpython has a long history of looking or not looking special methods fairly randomly10:05
arigatoin that case, I thought that old-style instances should always use __getattr__10:06
arigatoapparently they don't10:06
Action: arigato -> lunch10:06
fijalValueError: Attempted relative import in non-package10:06
fijalwhat does that mean?10:06
vertedid you import .foo ?10:14
fijalwell, now I found a real gem10:15
fijalthis is certainly not cross-interpreter compatible10:15
vertewhy can't they just give the kernel a pointer to the BPF?10:18
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fijalverte: what do you mean?10:24
fijalhow do I create an address with ctypes?10:24
verteI mean if you need to give a pointer to any non-opaque memory to the kernel, you should be dropping into unsafe code to do it, anything from python is going to be a hack10:28
fijalyou can use array or something10:30
fijalyou need this pointer for a second10:30
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kenaan03antocuni 10r7691214 pypy/build/bot2/pypybuildbot 07M(builds.py summary.py test_builds.py test_summary.py): - rename TestRunnerCmd into PytestCmd ...10:54
fijalimplement_5.c:240588: warning: dereferencing pointer 'l_v568220' does break strict-aliasing rules10:55
arigatoit's an issue I already talked about, I think10:56
arigatocpyext breaks strict-aliasing rules10:57
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arigatofijal: did you fix __getattr__('__hash__') on old-style classes?  if not, I can give it a try10:59
fijalarigato: I did not10:59
fijalI added __hash__ to this class, since I'm already 3 yaks away10:59
fijalI'm fixing rsocket though10:59
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fijalarigato: will you look into generators?11:02
arigatofijal: with the JIT?11:02
fijalbecause they're disabled11:02
arigatoI can, yes11:02
fijaland noone is doing anything with them as far as I can see11:02
fijalthe question is more why don't we just enable them for now11:02
arigatowell I disabled them because they were not really helping a lot11:03
fijalbut they were helping in certain cases quite a bit11:03
fijalas shown by speed11:03
arigatoI can look again11:04
fijalit's fine to keep them disabled if you're doing something11:04
fijalbut if noone is doing something, I don't see the point11:04
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fijalwe seem to have bogus structs in rsocket11:18
fijalminlen and maxlen is 011:21
fijaland the class seems to be 'Address' and not any of it's subclasses11:21
fijalarigato: any clue where it might come from?11:21
arigatoit's not really a bug, it's kind of designed that way11:22
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fijala bug is that you can't call recvfrom on such thing11:23
fijalI suppose11:23
arigatoof course11:23
arigatoit's an invalid address11:23
fijalI'll find out11:23
fijalsince cpython handles that11:23
fijalmaybe I need to add some address family11:23
arigatoI suppose that cpython handles it a bit more upstream11:23
fijalin what sense?11:23
fijalbtw, you're aware that modern python has __sizeof__ on most objects?11:24
arigatothere is some special casing or something that prevents the equivalent of familyclass() from being ever called in that particular case11:24
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Led_Zeppelinis there a 64bit version of pypy out?11:24
arigatofijal: 2.4 does not have __sizeof__ e.g. on ints, so that's out11:25
arigatoLed_Zeppelin: yes, http://buildbot.pypy.org/nightly/trunk/11:25
fijalLed_Zeppelin: without JIT though11:25
fijalarigato: 2.5 neither11:26
fijalarigato: I'm just saying in case you need some good estimates of sizes yourself11:26
fijalor we can use better ones if there are11:26
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arigatofijal: is it related to what I just wrote in the gc-module branch?11:27
Led_Zeppelinok, so there is not JIT compiler. 11:27
arigatoI think this logic is rather good too11:28
fijalit should also be exposed as __sizeof__11:28
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fijalI'm just saying there is already an interface, that's all :)11:29
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fijalit's AF_PACKET11:31
arigatoit's quite possible that it's implemented in CPython and not in PyPy11:32
fijal           exception -- return it as a tuple. */11:33
fijal /* If we don't know the address family, don't raise an11:33
fijal           exception -- return it as a tuple. */11:33
fijalthat's a comment in CPython11:33
fijaland yes, it's implemented in CPython11:33
fijalI suppose I'll just reproduce the logic11:34
fijalof course cpython has no tests for that11:34
kenaan03arigo 10r7691314 07M(pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy/rlib/rgc.py): Fix. ...11:37
arigatothis prints 011:41
arigatoI have noooooooooo clue why so far11:41
fijalbecause __cmp__ returned None?11:42
arigatoit doesn't11:42
arigato__cmp__() returns a string in that case11:43
arigatoah, I see11:46
arigatoit's because cmp(A(), 42) actually finds and calls __eq__11:46
arigatowhich returns a non-empty string11:46
arigatoTypeError: __float__ returned non-float (type int)11:58
arigatopom pom pom11:58
kenaan03arigo 10r7691414 07M(pypy/trunk/pypy/module/__builtin__/test/test_classobj.py): Write a lengthy test about old-style classes that look up special method ...12:05
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antocunihow safe it is to rename a builder in buildbot?12:11
antocunii.e., I'd like to rename pypy-c-app-level-win-32 or pypy-c-app-level-win-x86-32, or pypy-c-jit-win-x86-32 to pypy-c-jit-win-3212:12
antocunibut I've no clue what could happen :_)12:12
arigato...is the '__getattr__' name ever looked up in the old-style *instance* itself...?12:13
arigatono, good12:14
Nick change: DasIch_ -> DasIch12:15
arigatowhat about '__del__'... does the destructor calls __getattr__('__del__') ?12:19
arigatobut it does call the x.__del__ in the instance12:20
arigatowhich is a strange case anyway, it gives a warning in PyPy already12:21
fijalarigato: are you trying to find out some sense out of it?12:21
arigatoI guess I will just ignore this case entirely12:21
arigatofijal: well, I'm trying to "fix" it by making it more compatible with cpython12:21
kenaan03arigo 10r7691514 07M(pypy/trunk/pypy/module/__builtin__/test/test_classobj.py): Improve the test. ...12:24
arigatopom pom pom12:25
kenaan03antocuni 10r7691614 pypy/build/bot2/pypybuildbot 07M(master.py test_pypylist.py): rename the builder pypy-c-app-level-win-32 to pypy-c-app-level-win-x86-32 in ...12:27
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amaury_antocuni: win-x86-32 looks a bit weird12:30
antocunifor the sake of whoever will read the logs in the future: renaming a builder is fine if you stop the buildbot, change the config, manually rename the directory and restart buildbot again12:30
amaury_windows has only 2 platforms: win32 and win6412:30
antocuniamaury_: well, you never know :-)12:31
Led_Zeppelinso for a 64bit python version, I can use the trunk's 64bit version of PyPy but there is no JIT. Will I still see performance gain? 12:31
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antocuniamaury_: actually, I don't really care about the exact name, but I needed it to follow a consistent scheme12:31
arigatoLed_Zeppelin: no, that's unlikely12:33
arigatoLed_Zeppelin: you might find memory usage gains, though12:33
kenaan03antocuni 10r7691714 pypy/build/bot2/pypybuildbot 07M(master.py test_pypylist.py): argh, rename also this builder ...12:34
Led_Zeppelinwhen is JIT going to be ready for 64bit? 12:34
arigatoI guess I should try out the branch/asmgcc-6412:37
amaury_I thought that JIT was working on 64bit, but only with boehm GC?12:38
arigatoamaury_: the branch asmgcc-64 tries to fix the gap12:38
arigatoit's working at least for targetrpystonedalone12:39
arigatoI guess for the whole of pypy, it's more or less working, expect a few zillion special cases that will show up over time12:39
arigatoas with the 32-bit version of asmgcc12:39
verte (~verte@ left irc: Quit: ~~~ Crash in JIT!12:41
arigato>>>> objs = gc.get_objects()12:44
arigatoSegmentation fault12:44
arigatoof course I cannot reproduce this segfault now12:49
arigato>>>> import gc12:50
arigato>>>> uh = map(repr, gc.get_rpy_roots())12:50
arigato>>>> objs = gc.get_objects()12:50
arigatoSegmentation fault12:50
xorAxAxLed_Zeppelin: communication breakdown!13:04
arigatosorry, about the JIT on 64-bits, I meant: it's mostly ready but there are potentially a number of small fixes to be done in asmgcc-6413:08
arigatoso it needs someone to care about it regularly for a while13:08
fijalLed_Zeppelin: "soon", but the more people care the sooner it'll be "ready"13:18
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arigatoW_IntObject.intval appears to become a r_uint13:34
arigatoat least on 64-bits13:34
arigatono, confused13:37
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dijital1are there any plans to have pypy support 64 bit architectures?13:55
dijital1I'm looking for something that will run under snow leopard in 64 bit mode13:58
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Action: arigato fixes the segfault with gc.get_objects()14:13
arigatoantocuni: there is a bug probably in Pdb++:14:14
arigatopp 514:14
arigatoprints 5 but no newline14:14
antocuniarigato: is works for me14:15
antocuniprobably we have a slightly different config14:16
arigatoit's a "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()"14:16
antocuniarigato: ah, I think it's because you don't have pygments14:17
arigatoah could be14:17
antocuniit follows another path in format_source, that's probably the difference14:17
antocuniarigato: try to svn up14:19
Nick change: Guest34319 -> haag49814:19
arigatoon a 64-bit machine,  "x & (2**32-1)"14:20
arigatomight end up being compiled as14:20
arigatoand_(v116305, (4294967295L))14:21
arigatonotice the "L"14:21
arigatocould is possibly be a pyc file issue?14:21
arigatoyes :-((((((((14:22
arigatoprint repr(2**32)14:22
arigatoput this in a file x.py14:22
arigatorun "python -c 'import x'" on 32-bit14:23
arigatothen run it on 64-bit14:23
arigatoand bam, you get a long too14:23
arigatoif you remove x.pyc and try again on 64-bit directly, you get an int14:23
antocuniah, because it's constant folded by the compiler14:23
antocunisounds like a bug in cpython to me14:24
arigatobut it's kind of known14:27
kenaan03arigo 10r7691914 07M(pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy/rlib/rgc.py): Ignore the issue that we can get occasionally some strange objects, ...14:29
kenaan03arigo 10r7692014 pypy/trunk/pypy 07M(bookkeeper.py builtin.py classdef.py test_annrpython.py rarithmetic.py): Change annotation to say that int(r_uint(x)) is invalid: ...14:50
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kenaan03arigo 10r7692114 07M(pypy/trunk/pypy/rpython/module/ll_time.py): Fix. ...15:07
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amaury_(Pdb) rffi.cast(rffi.VOIDP, -1)._cast_to_int()15:30
amaury_I must be missing something15:31
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arigatoah right15:33
arigatothat's because nobody should use _cast_to_int()15:33
arigatoit returns a value based on the id of some lltype object15:34
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amaury_I would like this test to pass http://paste.pocoo.org/show/259228/15:45
amaury_(in test_rffi.py)15:45
amaury_for the moment, the code uses a VOIDP15:47
arigatowho calls _cast_to_int()?15:48
amaury_nobody for the moment, I was just trying15:48
amaury_rffi.cast(LONG, ...) is fine15:48
fijalarigato: I'm seriously unhappy that method like "lock" is also doing error checking if object is valid15:51
arigatoasmgcc64 seems to work15:52
arigatoincluding the jit15:53
fijalthere is even a comment copied from cpython15:56
fijal        # If we don't know the address family, don't raise an15:57
fijal        # exception -- return it as a tuple.15:57
fijalthat's even a lie :)15:57
arigatoyes, I know it's fun to look in rsocket16:02
arigatothere are reasons for this funniness, mostly16:02
fijalit's untested and contains lies in comments16:02
arigatosorry about that16:02
fijalthere is no test that creates Address object for example16:04
fijaland I'm trying to find out what are those args16:05
fijalC structures, ok16:06
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kenaan03fijal 10r7692314 pypy/trunk/pypy 07M(test_sock_app.py rsocket.py): A test for untested piece of code (initializing raw addresses). Also kill ...16:18
fijalarigato: can you have a look?16:18
kenaan03arigo 10r7692414 pypy/trunk/pypy/module/__builtin__ 07M(interp_classobj.py test_classobj.py): Fix for the test. ...16:19
fijalalso, if anyone feels explaining to me what this does:16:20
fijalI would be grateful16:20
fijal(that's cpython's source code)16:20
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fijaleh ok, I kind of know16:20
kenaan03arigo 10r7692514 07M(pypy/branch/gc-module/pypy/module/gc/test/test_referents.py): Fix these tests to also work on "pypy-c py.test -A". ...16:27
arigatofijal: sorry, I was in the land of "let's try to finish these 3 branches"16:33
arigatofijal: I'm thinking of leaving now16:33
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amaury_fijal: are you still lost in socketmodule.c?16:44
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haag498Hi, are there any plans to support python3 syntax in pypy?17:16
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kenaan03hakanardo 10r7692614 pypy/branch/jit-bounds 07M(/* array.py function.py primitive.py binaryop.py bookkeeper.py builtin.py classdef.py model.py test_annrpython.py py.py argument.py baseobjspace.py pycode.py gc.py ...): svn merge - ...17:25
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fijalamaury_: a bit17:48
amaury_haag498: your question has two meanings17:49
amaury_1. when will pypy build a python 3 interpreter17:49
amaury_2. if pypy will be written itself with python 3 syntax17:49
amaury_For the first question: some of us are currently porting to 2.7; Python 3 will be another large piece of work, later.17:51
amaury_For the second meaning, I think there is less interest in it.17:53
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fijalis codespeak down?21:56
Alex_Gaynorfijal: it looks like it, but I'm on conference internet, so it might just be me21:57
TrundleIt seems like it.21:57
Alex_Gaynorfijal: hpk just tweeted that he's looking into it22:03
hpkrather the provider (hopefully) is22:04
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hpknot sure if a part of the provider network is down or the host itself, will probably take until tomorrow morning (gmt+1)22:05
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