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jkwonhello real people07:20
verte-deafening silence-07:20
jkwonwhat does LL mean in LLTypeSystem?07:21
jkwonah seems right. llvm = low level vm.07:22
verteit's the type system used when interacting with platforms with pointers and structs rather than methods and classes07:23
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magciusjkwon: LLTypeSystem and LLVM don't have anything to do with each other07:58
magciusjkwon: and LLVM isn't actually a VM, although it started out that way. It's a compiler framework.07:58
jkwoni know, just noting that LL is a conventional shorthand for low-level. i figured it was a convention.07:58
jkwonyeah, i'm not about to dive into LLVM but it looks gnarly.07:59
jkwonin a way pypy is a compiler framework too huh07:59
Ademanthere's alot of overlap in the JIT area between PyPy and LLVM as best I can tell08:00
magciusAdeman: eh, sort of08:01
fijalAdeman: well, not at all08:01
magciusAdeman: PyPy's JIT strategy is a little different, but not anything new08:01
fijalthey both emit assembler08:01
fijalbut that's pretty much it08:01
Ademanboth have their own IR08:01
fijalllvm is something like assembler backend08:01
fijalmore than a jit08:01
magciusit has the whole thing08:02
fijalAdeman: obviously08:02
magciusAST compilation and transformation08:02
magciusflow evaluators and anaylzers08:02
fijalmagcius: did you read what I read, "pypy jit" notably?08:03
magciusfijal: hm?08:11
magciusfijal: the last 5 sentences were about LLVM08:11
Ademanfijal: if I write code try: i = space.int_w(w_i) except OperationError, e: # check for type error  then do other things, in a trace can I trust it to look more like assert isinstance(w_i, W_IntObject) ? or does the exception handling ruin all of that?08:12
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fijalAdeman: it's more complex than that08:13
fijalbecause trace depends what actually w_i is08:13
fijalif it's int08:13
fijalthen it'll be more like guard_class_nonnull(w_i)08:13
Ademanfijal: right, but I just want to know that the exception handling isn't aborting the JIT or something annoying like that08:14
fijalwhat made you think that?08:14
Ademanfijal: I figured it wasn't the case, but I remembered hearing about exceptions (maybe only applevel) aborting the JIT08:15
Ademanmaybe I heard wrong anyways08:15
fijalI think it's safe to assume you did08:15
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antocunifijal: do you have any idea why speed.pypy.org shows data only until few days ago?09:14
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fijalantocuni: http://buildbot.pypy.org/waterfall09:40
fijalbecause 64bit jit (I presume) merge introduce assembler crash which makes benchmarks unable to run09:40
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mvtam i supposed to be able to translate pypy on 64 bit since the recent merge?09:53
antocuni_mvt: I think so, but AFAIK you still cannot use our fast GC09:55
antocuni_so, performance will be suboptimal09:55
Action: antocuni_ tries on his pc09:57
antocuni_mvt: no clue, it seems to work for me09:58
antocuni_mvt: which kind of system do you have?09:58
fijalmvt: didn't you run out of RAM?10:00
antocuni_fijal: no, note that the MemoryError comes from alloc(4096) in detect_sse210:00
mvthm mac osx core2duo10:00
fijalit seems mmap didn't work10:01
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antocuni_mvt: could you try to apply this diff and see what error do you get? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/246213/10:06
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mvtsure antocuni 10:28
mvtantocuni: 12 Cannot allocate memory10:30
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antocunimvt: I'm looking at this page: http://developer.apple.com/mac/library/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man2/mmap.2.html10:42
antocuniin particular, the ENOMEM section10:42
antocuniit's possible that it fails for you because of one of this cases, not sure which10:43
antocuniwell, it really seems that the system is telling you that you don't have enough memory, although I agree that it's a bit weird10:47
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antocuninot to have 4 MB, I mean10:47
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mvtantocuni: yeah hehe, i have 3gb so that should work11:14
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fijaljcreigh: hey12:55
fijalhow's bug hunting?12:56
jcreigheh, I didn't have a handy pypy-c translated, so I was working on other stuff last night while one built. So I'm just starting on the zlib thing this morning.13:01
fijalI could have written you a test, you know :)13:01
jcreighoh, great, the specific failure mode varies randomly13:17
fijalbut it generally boils down to the same thing13:18
fijalthe only difference is whether ValueError is caught and reraised at applevel or not13:19
fijalwhat you should write is a test that calls function with doubles as args13:19
fijaland pass there jit-time constants (but not compile-time constants obviously)13:19
fijaljcreigh: sorry, I should have told you the amount of debugging I did :)13:21
jcreighheh heh13:21
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Topic changed on #pypy by fijal!fijal@41-134-41-226.dsl.mweb.co.za: PyPy, the flexible snake (IRC logs: http://www.tismer.com/pypy/irc-logs/pypy/?C=M;O=D ) | "we used to have a mess with an obscure interface, now we have mess here and obscure interface there. progress" Samuele Pedroni on pypy sprint17:27
Topic changed on #pypy by fijal!fijal@41-134-41-226.dsl.mweb.co.za: PyPy, the flexible snake (IRC logs: http://www.tismer.com/pypy/irc-logs/pypy/?C=M;O=D ) | "we used to have a mess with an obscure interface, now we have mess here and obscure interface there. progress" pedronis on a pypy sprint17:28
Alex_Gaynorfijal: eh, there's a sprint?17:32
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kenaan03hakanardo 10r7648614 pypy/branch/interplevel-array/pypy 07M(assembler.py test_pypy_c.py itertype.py): pypy-c tests ...18:04
fijaloh right18:05
fijalI can look into your branch18:05
fijalbut I'll refrain from merging until some failures on trunk are fixed18:05
fijalmakes sense?18:07
hakanardoit sure doess18:07
fijaldid you run coverage btw?18:08
hakanardono, whats that?18:08
fijalshows you how your test run covers your code18:09
fijalpytest-coverage (google)18:09
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hakanardo96% coverage on interp_array.py18:32
exarkunpretty good18:32
fijalAlex_Gaynor: upload your slides somewhere18:32
fijalfor a guy who have just learned what a coverage is, that's pretty impressive18:33
Alex_Gaynorfijal: I did :) http://www.scribd.com/doc/35240506/Making-Python-Fast-PyPy-and-Unladen-Swallow18:33
fijalbut to a place where I can downlaod them18:33
fijal(a request on pypy blog)18:33
fijalantocuni: we should implement different so naming than cpython18:33
antocunihave we ever tried to run pytest-coverage on the whole pypy?18:33
antocunifor cpyext you mean?18:33
Alex_Gaynorfijal: There's a download button on the right, would you like me to put it on my own server or something?18:33
fijalAlex_Gaynor: I would like you to point that guy to this button18:34
fijalantocuni: yes18:34
fijalantocuni: there was a thread on python-dev about that18:34
antocuniah, I don't follow python-dev18:34
antocunibut yes, it's a good idea18:34
fijal                if mytype.typecode == 'u':18:35
fijal                    myiter = space.unpackiterable18:35
fijal                else:18:35
fijal                    myiter = space.listview18:35
fijalthat's nonsense18:35
fijalspace.listview would do18:35
fijalbesides, it's not technically correct18:36
fijal(I can write code that makes this explode)18:36
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fijalby having a len that lies18:37
fijaland resizing it during the iteration18:37
fijalI think the latter is enough18:37
fijalI see18:37
fijalok sorry sorry18:37
fijalyou can't call arbitrary code there18:37
hakanardoI'm afraid you lost me...18:38
Alex_Gaynorhakanardo: within space.listview you should never callback to arbitrary python code is the idea I think18:39
fijalI lost myself in the first place18:39
fijalit's correct as far as I know :)18:39
fijalhakanardo: can you remove all the interp_* that are not used?18:40
fijalis app_array ever used?18:40
hakanardoit's only interp_array.py and __init__.py thats used now18:41
fijalalso, benchmarks should probably go somewhere else18:41
fijalremove the rest :)18:41
hakanardowhere do you want the benchmarks?18:41
fijaltests are not pep818:41
fijaldepends how useful they're18:41
fijalbut not in the pypy tree18:41
fijalthey can be in main pypy benchmarks, if you think they're generally useful18:42
fijalotherwise I would suggest to park them in your user directory18:42
hakanardona, they ar probably too simple18:42
fijalwell, if you really want, you can have module/array/benchmark directory18:42
fijalwith README that explains what they do18:42
hakanardook, that makes sens18:42
fijalwould be good to strip platform-specific tests18:43
fijal(like /dev/zero is unlikely to be on windows)18:44
fijalby say using py.test.ensuretemp18:44
fijalor udir18:44
fijalor something18:44
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fijal        try:18:45
fijal            a[1:3]=[5,6]18:45
fijal            assert False18:45
fijal        except TypeError:18:45
fijal            pass18:45
fijalthere is py.test.raises18:45
fijalor simply raises if it's an apptest18:46
hakanardoAre you on the head of the branch, I've pep8:ifyed those lines?18:47
fijalups, no18:48
fijalindeed :)18:48
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magciusAlex_Gaynor: woah, how does that globals/builtins work?19:03
magciusAlex_Gaynor: on your slides.19:03
Alex_Gaynormagcius: because you reassign len in global scope, so it impacts everything in the module19:03
magciusAlex_Gaynor: I didn't know Python that was crazy.19:03
magciusAlex_Gaynor: yeah, but, but19:04
magciusAlex_Gaynor: isn't the global scope saved when you enter a function like f?19:04
magciuslike wow19:04
Alex_GaynorA reference to the globals is saved on function creation, but obvious the globals are mutable.19:04
magciusAlex_Gaynor: how many people were confused/amazed at the slide on that19:04
magciusAlex_Gaynor: also, can I hide that frickin bouncy bar at the bottom?19:05
Alex_GaynorA decent amount, I think people intellectually know you can do that stuff, but don't think about it because you'd be crazy to do something like this.19:05
Alex_Gaynormagcius: there's a download button on the right if the scribd UI is bad :/19:05
magciusAlex_Gaynor: how do I stop it from bouncing up and down?19:06
magciusthe switch on the right19:06
magciusAlex_Gaynor: it's also confusing to the eye because the "for" fooled me19:06
magciusAlex_Gaynor: I thought I was in a different scope: "uh, why isn't a global len needed?"19:06
HodgestarAlex_Gaynor: Is this just a "def f(a): return len(a) ; def len(a): return 'foo'" sort of thing?19:07
magciusHodgestar: yes, except more crazy19:07
Alex_GaynorHodgestar: sort of, except compounded by changing it during a running generator: def foo(a): for i in a: yield len(i)19:07
HodgestarOh, I see. Modifying globals while the generator is executing.19:08
magciusHodgestar: http://codepad.org/T2u0TxGq19:10
magciusAlex_Gaynor: uh, tracing JIT isn't looking for loops19:10
magciusAlex_Gaynor: that's a standard JIT, AFAIK19:10
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magciusAlex_Gaynor: a tracing JIT takes traces of paths (a common path of functions in code, for let's say 5 functions in the call stack), and emits machine code for all those functions in one pass19:11
HodgestarThe result isn't that surprising. Now I'm wondering if it is possible to write a decorator that avoids it and what happens when you decorate a generator.19:12
magciusAlex_Gaynor: TraceMonkey is different then19:12
magciusAlex_Gaynor: because Trace Trees are different19:12
Alex_GaynorHodgestar: http://code.activestate.com/recipes/277940-decorator-for-bindingconstants-at-compile-time/?in=user-17812319:13
magciusAlex_Gaynor: "Similar to outer loops, method calls are inlined into a trace tree19:13
magciusinstead of appearing as an actual method invocation instruction.19:13
magciusWhereas a static method invocation has exactly one target method19:13
magciusthat will be inlined, virtual and interface method dispatches can19:13
magciusinvoke different methods at runtime, depending on the actual type19:13
magciusof the receiver object.19:13
magciusAlex_Gaynor: the technique is completely different than Dynamo: http://www.ics.uci.edu/%7Efranz/Site/pubs-pdf/ICS-TR-06-16.pdf19:14
magciusAlex_Gaynor: well, not completely different, but the UV Irvine technique is a pretty complicated modification/extension of Dynamo such that it can't really be called the same method19:15
fijalmagcius: it's not19:17
fijaltrace trees also close at some point19:17
magciusfijal: ehh19:17
HodgestarAlex_Gaynor: That does quite a bit more than I was imaging but it's pretty cool.19:17
Alex_GaynorHodgestar: raymond is a pretty smart guy :)19:18
magciusfijal: does PyPy use a trace-tree based method?19:22
Alex_Gaynorwell we don't ever compile a tree though19:23
Alex_Gaynorwe use bridges instead19:23
fijaland bridges are what?19:23
antocunimagcius: if you are interested in how the pypy jit works, you might find useful to read chapters 5 and 6 of my thesis: http://codespeak.net/svn/user/antocuni/phd/thesis/thesis.pdf19:23
fijalhow they're different?19:23
fijalthere is also a place on the website that explain19:23
Alex_Gaynorfijal: well a bridge cna be recompiled without needing to touch the loop it lives in19:24
antocunifijal: I think that the terminology found in the literature is "trace stitching" for what pypy does, and "trace tree" when you recompile the whole tree every time you add a branch19:24
Alex_Gaynorantocuni explained it much better than me :)19:24
antocuniwell, I discovered this terminology only recently, i.e. after writing my thesis :-)19:25
magciusI just thought the big speedup with TraceMonkey/UV Irvine was that several methods were inlined and compiled into machine code when that specific path becomes "hot"19:25
fijalin our case compiling and tracing is kind of expensive19:26
fijalso O(n^2) would kill us19:26
Alex_GaynorO(n^2) what are we talking about?19:26
fijalif you recompile the whole tree each time you have a new trace, it's O(n^2)19:27
fijalon number of operations19:27
Alex_Gaynorah yeah19:27
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kenaan03hakanardo 10r7648814 pypy/branch/interplevel-array/pypy/module/array 05A(/benchmark/ Makefile README intimg.c intimgtst.c intimgtst.py loop.c loop.py sum.c sumtst.c sumtst.py) 06D(app_array.py interp_array_multiclass.py interp_ar ...19:37
fijalAlex_Gaynor: anyway, not sure about the JVM part, but note that most JS benchmarks is ridiculously simple19:39
fijalsun spider is pretty much a joke19:39
Alex_Gaynorfijal: what are we talking about?19:39
fijalabout recompilation19:40
Alex_Gaynorfijal: dromaeo is the only JS benchmark I use19:43
fijalI don't care what do *you* use19:43
fijalI care what people writing blogs use19:43
Alex_GaynorWell dromaeo aggregated sunspider, v8, and added it's own19:43
Alex_GaynorAnyway, it's not like I'm writing a JS VM19:44
fijalthat's still pretty basic19:44
fijal(like it does not cover recompilation time at all)19:44
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fijalI'm just saying that things like translate.py are really *hard* benchmarks19:45
fijaleven things like chaos are relatively hard19:45
fijalor telco19:45
Alex_Gaynoryeah, translate.py is a stressful benchmark19:45
Alex_Gaynorat least it doesn't have regex :D19:46
kenaan03jcreigh 10r7649014 07M(pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/backend/x86/test/test_runner.py): add test for calling function from JIT with ConstFloat arguments ...19:50
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kenaan03jcreigh 10r7649114 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/backend/x86 07M(assembler.py regalloc.py regloc.py): fix for r76490, calling functions in JIT with const float arguments. (somewhat ugly) ...19:53
kenaan03hakanardo 10r7649214 07M(pypy/branch/interplevel-array/pypy/module/array/test/test_array.py): try except => raises ...19:54
ronnyhum hum, thanks for the ssh - i actually needed a python2.3 - ssh codespeak.net has it19:55
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kenaan03jcreigh 10r7649314 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/backend/x86 07M(assembler.py regalloc.py regloc.py): revert r76491 (grr, doesn't translate) ...20:27
jcreighbloody hell I'm bad at this. :-(20:27
jcreighor maybe I could externalize the blame on rpython...20:27
Ademanjcreigh: :-p just look at the language spec... oh wait :-p20:33
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Alex_Gaynorjcreigh, for when you return (if you read logs): the commit you reverted appears to have translated fine, and fixed the zlib and random issues21:40
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kenaan03getxsick 10r7649414 07M(pypy/branch/fast-ctypes/pypy/rlib/rjitffi.py): add cache argument to CDLL.get ...22:13
kenaan03getxsick 10r7649514 07M(pypy/branch/fast-ctypes/pypy/rlib/test/test_rjitffi.py): use cache in tests ...22:14
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