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magciusanybody around?05:41
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Ademangutworth: i was wrong, it's angry about waitpid as well (which also uses rffi.INTP)08:34
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Ademanegh, i think this might all be due to some stupidity of my own (random changes unrelated to os.wait that i did, i didn't remember they were in this copy...)11:11
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kenaan03cfbolz 10r6905414 07M(pypy/extradoc/sprintinfo/ddorf2009/planning.txt): (all): planning for today ...11:44
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fijalwhere shall I go tomorrow morning when I arrive?12:13
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fijalcfbolz: hi12:14
cfbolzwhen do you arrive tomorrow?12:14
cfbolzfijal: then I fear you need to entertain yourself for a while12:14
fijalI suppose12:14
fijalwhat time do you plan to be at the uni?12:14
cfbolzI would go to the uni, you have wireless and power here, and some people of our group might show up earlier12:15
fijalwhich room?12:15
Action: fijal off12:16
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Action: antocuni tried to ping
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6905514 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp 05A(effectinfo.py) 07M(codewriter.py optimizeopt.py test_basic.py test_optimizefindnode.py test_optimizeopt.py test_virtualizable.py): (pedronis, cfbolz): don't delete all of the  ...12:29
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6905614 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/backend 07M(runner.py runner.py descr.py llmodel.py test_descr.py): grumble, this belongs to revision 69055. ...12:32
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6905714 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp/test 05A(test_list.py) 06D(test_vlist.py): rename the test, the only non-skipped tests in there are not actually about ...12:46
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6905814 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(codewriter.py test_list.py): attach effects info to oopspec operations as well ...12:54
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kenaan03arigo 10r6905914 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit 07M(descr.py regalloc.py optimizeopt.py pyjitpl.py resoperation.py warmspot.py): Make the list ResOperation.args non-resizable.  Fight a bit ...15:07
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Topic changed on #pypy by cfbolz!n=cfbolz@fwstups.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de: PyPy the flexible snake (irc-logs: http://wyvern.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de/irc-logs/pypy/ ) | what we achieved today: we discussed the ponyness of time-machines15:08
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kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906014 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp 05A(test_effectinfo.py) 07M(effectinfo.py): (cfbolz, pedronis): fix problems with removetypeptr ...15:26
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kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906114 05A(pypy/branch/merge-guards/): (pedronis, cfbolz): a branch where we want to try to merge consecutive guards ...15:32
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kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906214 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/backend 05A(test_list.py test_zrpy_list.py test_list.py) 06D(test_vlist.py test_zrpy_vlist.py test_vlist.py): oops, there were places that import this thingie ...15:42
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gutworthhappy sprinting!15:53
arigatothank you :-)15:53
kenaan03arigo 10r6906314 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/backend/x86 07M(assembler.py codebuf.py ri386.py ri386setup.py test_ri386_auto_encoding.py): In class MODRM, replace the 'extradata' string with a list of characters. ...16:05
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906414 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(effectinfo.py test_effectinfo.py): (pedronis, cfbolz): fix test_slist. yay, arrays of voids! ...16:26
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906514 pypy/branch/merge-guards/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(optimizeopt.py test_optimizeopt.py): (pedronis, cfbolz): replace guard_class(x, ...), guard_value(x, ...) by just a guard_value. ...16:31
Unhelpfulthe ponyness of time machines... good work, sprinters. ;)16:40
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906714 07M(pypy/branch/merge-guards/pypy/jit/metainterp/test/test_basic.py): (arigo around, cfbolz): a more functional test for the last commit ...16:45
cfbolzUnhelpful: we are so great16:45
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kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906814 07M(pypy/trunk/pypy/interpreter/gateway.py): (pedronis, arigo, cfbolz): make BuiltinActivations immutable ...17:22
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6906914 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(effectinfo.py test_effectinfo.py): there are Void fields too. It's very funny how this thing with Voids goes on and ...17:30
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kenaan03cfbolz 10r6907014 pypy/trunk/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(optimizeopt.py test_basic.py test_optimizeopt.py): merge the merge-guards branch: ...17:33
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6907114 06D(pypy/branch/merge-guards/): kill merged branch ...17:33
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Nick change: WildChil1 -> WildChild17:41
cfbolzlungtone: rename duck17:45
Nick change: lungtone -> ducktone17:45
magciusokay... I'm getting an error I don't know how to fix.17:47
magciusgenerator.load is being called for arguments that don't have values yet17:47
magciusthere's a traceback17:49
magciusthe stdout is all the ops that have been rendered17:49
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cfbolzhow is rupy going?17:54
fijalalready back home, preparing for a train17:54
cfbolzfijal: night train?18:00
cfbolzwell, obviously18:00
fijalyes :)18:00
Unhelpfulnot this sort of train, hopefully? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Train_Express18:02
cfbolzmagcius: by what mechanism can stuff end up in pool?18:04
fijalfijal@zygfryd:~$ host morepypy.blogspot.com18:04
fijal;; Truncated, retrying in TCP mode.18:04
magciuscfbolz, StoreResult18:04
fijalwhat does that mean?18:04
Unhelpfuli imagine that would carry you right on past the ballmer peak :/18:05
cfbolzmagcius: what about input arguments of a block?18:05
magciuscfbolz, hmm, how are those stored?18:05
cfbolzno idea how this works in the ootype backend infrastructure18:06
antocunimagcius: they are copied by oosupport.Function._setup_link18:07
magciusantocuni, that's what's failing.18:07
antocunimagcius: well, it probably mean that you need to push link.args into this pool18:09
magciusah, okay, yeah, it was trying to load a nonexistent variable.18:09
magciusantocuni, I'm also getting another error about flag_018:09
magciusI see something about self._trace.enabled, how do I enable that?18:11
antocunimagcius: I think you need to pass an option to translate.py, look at config/translationoptions.py18:11
antocuni(if you happen to use translate.py; note that you shouldn't at this point, but you should use py.test)18:12
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kenaan03arigo 10r6907314 07M(pypy/dist/pypy/doc/index.txt): Warn users again downloading release 1.1 if they are ...18:12
AdemanIt seems there's some confusion about the size of some types on my system, here are my changes: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/149379/ and here's my translation output http://paste.pocoo.org/show/149376/ it's interesting around line 419.  I'm on a 32 bit system... and a clean trunk still translates fine for me, although I haven't verified that today...18:14
Ademandoes anyone have any idea why my code would seemingly break so much?...18:15
arigatoAdeman: hum18:19
arigatoAdeman: it's obscure, I should say18:20
arigatoat most, you should get a warning, not an error18:20
arigatobecause the type "rffi.INTP" on a 32-bit system ends up being written as a "long*" in C18:20
arigatobecause "int" and "long" are mostly synonyms18:21
arigatobut "int*" and "long*" are not completely18:21
arigatostill, I think I should only be a warning, not an error18:21
arigatothe same issue exists with other external functions18:21
arigatoI fear you have to look at /tmp/usession-trunk-0/testing_1/implement_8.c line 752918:22
magciusantocuni, what stores the block's inputargs?18:22
arigatoah, gcc is even saying:18:23
arigatoexpected __WAIT_STATUS but argument is of type long int *18:23
antocunimagcius: well, it's _setup_link, obviously18:23
arigatoAdeman: ah, an alternative is to implement os.wait() in term of os.waitpid()18:24
arigatoi.e. write in pypy/module/posix/interp_posix.py some code that calls os.waitpid() instead, and be done18:24
fijalarigato: ekhem18:25
fijalplease do exactly the same thing as cpython18:25
arigatofijal: I'm reading the man page here18:25
fijalarigato: ok, I'm not :)18:25
arigatoit says that the call to wait(&status) is equivalent to waitpid(-1, &status, 0)18:26
fijalon linux...18:26
Ademanarigato: did you notice 422 and 425 as well? the same errors are thrown for waitpid18:26
arigatoso in Python terms, os.wait() is os.waitpid(-1,0)18:26
Ademani must have destroyed something18:26
arigatoAdeman: no, precisely: they are warnings, not errors, for waitpid()18:26
Ademanarigato: oh, so they are...18:27
arigatoAdeman: maybe wait() is a macro doing strange things with the argument and getting confused by int*-versus-long*18:28
arigatobah, yes: a __WAIT_STATUS is a __transparent_union__18:29
Ademanarigato: no it looks like, according to 419 that __WAIT_STATUS is something other than int * (perhaps the struct i saw hidden away) but the strange thing is, waitpid takes an argument of __WAIT_STATUS as well18:29
arigatoAdeman: no, reading /usr/include/sys/wait.h, it does not take a __WAIT_STATUS but just an int*18:30
kenaan03cfbolz 10r6907414 07M(pypy/trunk/pypy/module/__builtin__/test/test_classobj.py): (pedronis, cfbolz): this is not a valid appdirect test ...18:30
Ademanarigato: you're right, what was i doing/thinking?...18:30
Ademanwell that solves the mystery, thanks18:31
arigatoat least right now, with the current C headers of Linux, yes18:31
arigatogood enough for now I suppose18:31
Ademanwhere can i find a good example of declaring a c struct?18:31
arigatowe will really have to do something about int* versus long* at some point later18:31
Ademanyeah i guess this would likely break on bsd18:31
gutwortha c struct in C?18:32
Ademansince it looks like __WAIT_STATUS *is* an int * on bsd systems (which is actually why i did what i did)18:32
arigatoAdeman: yes, please don't do anything special about __WAIT_STATUS18:32
arigatoAdeman: I suggest that you simplify the patch you just posted, to have def wait() be implemented in term of os.waitpid(), and that's it18:33
arigatono need for changes in e.g. ll_os.py18:33
Ademanarigato: fijal didn't like that idea, but that would make it simpler18:33
arigatoI think that according to the doc of wait() and waitpid(), it's a sane idea18:34
arigatoI suppose that some oldish Unix systems may have wait() and not waitpid(), but well18:34
arigatothat's by far good enough for now18:35
Ademanok lol18:35
Ademangotta go to work soon, short day though, i should be back and working on this soon enough lol18:35
Ademanarigato: beyond the implementation of wait(), what else would you expect? would the app level test be sufficient? or would more be wanted?18:36
arigatono, the app-level test is enough then18:38
Ademanthanks arigato18:41
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arigatoAdeman: ah, I guess that ideally you should then define wait() only if hasattr(os, 'waitpid')....18:44
arigatoah, too late18:44
kenaan03arigo 10r6907614 pypy/branch/gc-dump-malloc/pypy 05A(test_list.py test_zrpy_list.py test_list.py effectinfo.py test_effectinfo.py test_list.py) 06D(test_vlist.py test_zrpy_vlist.py test_vlist.py test_vlist.py) 07M(gateway.py run ...18:47
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magciusantocuni, when are self.locals initialized?18:59
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magciusPyPy source code needs to be 2.5-compatible, right?21:10
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jacob|homemagcius: Right. 2.5.2 is what is currently supported.22:49
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gutworthone buildbot still uses 2.4, though, right?23:28
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