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cfbolzhi anto, hi verte10:10
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antocunihi armin10:20
antocuniarigato, cfbolz: do you know the exact sprint dates?10:21
arigato"probably 18th-25th"...10:22
Action: antocuni would like something more official to book the flight :-/10:23
arigatoI suppose that you have to ask on pypy-Z10:23
Action: antocuni writes an email10:23
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cfbolzfuzzyman: hey!10:39
fuzzymanHello Carl10:40
fuzzymanHello Armin10:42
fuzzymanEverything going well?10:42
arigatoroughly, yes :-)10:42
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kenaan03antocuni 10r6664814 pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/backend/cli/test 07M(test_basic.py test_runner.py): skip tests that cannot be run on top of pythonnet ...10:48
antocuniarigato: why new_with_vtable no longer take a descr?10:51
arigatobecause it's too much work to keep two constants around all optimizations, instead of just one10:53
arigatoso I just picked the one that stores the most information (from an lltype point of view)10:53
arigatobut I realized later that it was the wrong one from an ootype point of view...10:54
antocuniso I should basically rely on self.class_sizes to fish the typedescr?10:54
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antocuniok (it works :-))11:00
arigatook :-)11:00
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kenaan03antocuni 10r6664914 pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/backend/cli 07M(method.py runner.py): fix most of the failing cli jit tests: new_with_vtable no longer takes a ...11:15
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arigatofound out the reason for a crash of pypy-c-jit11:30
arigatoit's because there can be Consts in live_arg_boxes in reached_can_enter_jit()11:31
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kenaan03arigo 10r6665014 07M(pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/metainterp/test/test_basic.py): A failing test, showing the same problem as test_zlib when run with ...13:10
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cfbolzhi samuele!13:49
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kenaan03arigo 10r6665114 pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit 07M(llimpl.py runner.py compile.py runner_test.py test_random.py assembler.py regalloc.py test_runner.py executor.py pyjitpl.py resoperation.py test_basic.py): Add rop.SAME_AS.  Norm ...14:05
arigatoantocuni: ^^^ sorry, that's yet another detail that I didn't fix in the cli backend...14:05
arigatoI think this fixes "pypy-c-jit test_zlib.py"14:06
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antocuniarigato: ok, should be easy to fix :-)14:12
antocuniarigato: I'm currently fighting with this: http://codespeak.net:8099/summary/longrepr?testname=TestVList().test_cannot_be_virtual&builder=own-linux-x86-32&build=452&mod=pypy.jit.backend.cli.test.test_zrpy_vlist14:13
cfbolzarigato: why does adding same_as fix this test?14:13
antocuniany clue what it could be?14:13
arigatothe helper ll_listslice_startonly is annotated as taking a non-negative argument14:14
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arigatothen as a 2nd phase, we annotate the JIT14:14
arigatoit crashes become this time it needs the same helper with a possibly-negative argument14:14
antocunishould we annotate it to take a maybe-negative arg in the first place?14:15
arigatoyes, but I forgot how we solved this problem14:16
arigatoit's a known issue that was solved already for some other helpers14:16
arigatoah yes14:16
arigatosee rpython/lltypesystem/rlist.py14:17
arigato_ll_list_resize_really._annenforceargs_ = (None, int)14:17
arigatoI guess you need to add14:17
arigatoll_listslice_startonly._annenforceargs_ = (None, None, int)14:18
Action: antocuni tries14:18
arigatocfbolz: this test fails because the loop has unexpectedly a Const in the inputargs14:19
antocuniuhm, no14:19
arigatoI guess the difference is that ll_listslice_startonly is gendirectcall()ed14:20
arigatothen the cleanest solution is to add support for _annenforceargs_ in gendirectcall() too14:21
antocuniyak shaving...14:22
arigatonot really14:22
arigatoit is really a known problem whose solution we delayed14:22
arigatowait, I'm tracking...14:23
arigatoobscure, it should already work14:24
antocuniarigato: why? I don't see any reference to _annenforceargs_ in the call chain from gendirectcall14:25
arigato=> annotate_helper => get_call_parameters => pycall => specialize14:26
antocuniarigato: but gendirectcall calls annotate_lowlevel_helper, not annotate_helper14:28
arigatoyes, sorry, so it's14:29
arigato=> annotate_lowlevel_helper => annotate_helper => get_call_parameters => pycall => specialize14:29
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antocunisorry, I was confused by all these methods with almost similar names :-)14:29
cfbolzarigato: ah, and you get around that by making a same_as(const), as usual14:30
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Action: antocuni afk for some minutes14:30
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arigatothe problem is actually another unrelated graph14:44
arigatoI don't know why it's printing that14:44
arigatoit's actually about ootype:690:ll_newlist14:44
kenaan03arigo 10r6665214 pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/rpython 07M(ootype.py rlist.py): Add a few _annenforceargs_, to fix jit/backend/cli/test_zrpy_vlist. ...14:48
arigatopfff, building pypy-c-jit gives a segfault14:49
arigatoa segfault while building, so of CPython, of course14:50
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cfbolzarigato: great work14:52
kenaan03arigo 10r6665314 07M(pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/metainterp/TODO): A note: we are still missing threads. ...14:53
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arigatocfbolz: what exactly? :-)14:55
cfbolzarigato: that you manage to find (probably completely undebugabble) segfaults in CPython :-)14:56
cfbolzis it repeatable?14:56
arigatoI don't know, it triggered the last two runs14:56
arigatobut at different places14:56
arigatoit looks actually a bit more like the machine is suddently a bit unrealiable14:57
cfbolzwhich one is that?14:58
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Action: antocuni back15:03
antocuniarigato: thanks!15:03
arigatoseems to have helped.  I really think we should at some point do some trick like15:04
arigatoreverse-forcing the annotation of all rtyped functions15:04
arigatoto turn SomeInteger(nonneg=True) into SomeInteger(nonneg=False)15:04
arigatoafter all, these two annotations have the same rtyping15:05
arigatohum, but it may be wrong15:05
arigatoe.g. "def f(x): return x"15:05
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arigatogeneralizing its arg annotation also means we have to generalize the result...15:06
arigatook, that's all nonsense15:06
vertedo what you do with objspace method variants that can raise; copy the function, reuse the code object15:08
vertesorry. you know that, of course.15:08
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antocuniarigato: I cannot find a single test that fails because the cli backend doesn't implement rop.SAME_AS15:10
arigatoyes, I guess so15:11
arigatoI just added a test to test_basic15:11
arigatoand even if you import it and run it too15:11
arigatothe truth is that optimize.py will remove SAME_AS again15:11
antocunican't we disable the optimizer for the single test?15:11
Action: antocuni does15:12
arigatoright, I forgot that we can do that for a single test :-)15:12
arigato(the test was originally about testing the front-end, before optimize.py)15:12
antocuniuh? now the loops contains the same_as, but it still passes15:13
antocunipypy has finally reached the AI state, where code writes itself15:14
antocuniah, I know15:14
antocunithe cli backend is smart enough to deduce the implementation of most operations from translation/cli/opcodes.py15:15
antocuniso same_as is automatically added :-)15:15
arigatoah :-)15:15
cfbolzarigato: so you didn't even break the cli backend15:16
arigatothe AI state is indeed close15:16
kenaan03antocuni 10r6665414 07M(pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/metainterp/test/test_basic.py): use simple_optimize for this test, so that the generated same_as is not removed away ...15:17
Topic changed on #pypy by verte!n=verte@dsl-220-235-93-82.vic.westnet.com.au: PyPy the flexible snake (irc-logs: http://wyvern.cs.uni-duesseldorf.de/irc-logs/pypy/ ) | <arigato> the AI state is indeed close15:18
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cfbolzarigato: in the C backend we don't have processor-specific assembler somewhere for the ovf versions of operations, right?15:52
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arigatothere is, it's actually not processor-specific but gcc-specific code15:53
ericvrp_hi guys15:54
arigatouh, no15:54
gonsor (n=gon@kel30.kel.stud.uni-goettingen.de) joined #pypy.15:54
arigatoit's really x86-specific15:54
arigatofile asm_gcc_x86.h15:54
cfbolzarigato: ah, where is that?15:54
arigatoericvrp_: hey, hi!15:54
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cfbolzarigato: I see. I was staring at some assembler and was already impressed by GCC figuring out that it can use the overflow bit :-)15:55
arigatoI wonder if there is a better way to write this, nowadays15:56
arigatolike a builtin function of GCC15:56
cfbolzno clue15:56
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cfbolzarigato: it's anyway far from optimal15:56
cfbolzarigato: as the return value is still put into the exception struct15:56
arigatobut it's not extremely important to have the most optimal code, I suppose15:56
arigatoit's more important in the context of the jit15:57
arigatobecause there is much less overhead-ish code15:57
cfbolzarigato: I am looking a bit at what happens to tagged pointers15:57
cfbolzusing microbenchmarks for a tiny object system15:58
cfbolzand one problem is the int_lshift_ovf that is needed to construct a new instance of the small int15:58
arigatoit's a problem because it is slowish?15:59
ericvrp_long time no see. I've been trying to read some pypy code again the last few days and there is a lot of terminology to catch up with.15:59
arigatoericvrp_: :-)15:59
arigatoI guess "x<<1" could be rewritten into "x+x"...16:00
cfbolzah, it's worth a try16:00
arigato(maybe automatically)16:00
arigato(at least for int_lshift_ovf)16:00
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cfbolzarigato: yes. it is definitely not much faster than the two compares you need for a semispace allocation :-)16:01
ericvrp_arigato: I couldn't get the llvm jit backend to work with LLVM svn head. Is that a known problem?16:01
arigatoericvrp_: hum.  I also have llvm 2.6svn16:02
arigatothat's already a few months old16:03
ericvrp_My version is r7706516:03
arigatoI'm updating, I will tell you if the tests still pass for me16:03
ericvrp_But the machine I tried it on is Gentoo that was not updates for a looooonnnng time16:03
ericvrp_ok, thanks16:04
arigatoah :-)16:04
arigatowell, not "ah:-)" in the sense that this is no obvious problem16:04
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ericvrp_I thought that perhaps there would have been a 'simple' jit c backend that would generate code not just in time, but only after a longer duration.16:05
ericvrp_But that is probably just one of those things that might be slightly faster but not general enough for the linking of anyone else but me. ;-)16:08
ericvrp_s/linking/liking     (picking up the lingo :-) )16:08
arigatoah, no, there is no such thing for now16:09
arigatoyou remind me of the 'ivm' backend of psyco16:09
arigatoI wonder if we could use similar tricks16:09
ericvrp_Can you say in one line what that 'ivm' psyco backend was about?16:12
ericvrp_Perhaps qwe 16:12
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ericvrp_we could use llvm-gcc to generate the llvm code for us and so avoiding an llvm backend.16:12
arigatowell, the llvm backend is mostly done already :-)16:15
arigatoah, sorry, I mean the JIT llvm backend16:15
arigatobigdog1: the pseudomachine bigdog-vm1 seems to get random segfaults16:16
arigatoit crashes on the last two runs of:16:16
arigatobut the build is successful on another machine (wyvern)16:17
arigatoyay, the bug I thought I fixed really went away16:18
bigdog1arigato:  The ubuntu under the  VM has not been updated in quite some time.  Would you like me to update the packages on the VM instance?16:37
arigatoI've no clue what the error is16:38
bigdog1that would also bring up the latest kernel version16:38
arigatoit's strange that a CPython segfault suddenly appeared16:38
bigdog1arigato: hard to say16:38
arigatobut I suppose that you can upgrade it -- if nothing else, it will shuffle randomness again :-/16:38
ericvrp_Someone suggests to remove pypy from Debian unstable: http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.bugs.dist/browse_thread/thread/efa0347b7f504075?pli=1 16:40
ericvrp_I have no clue if we care/mind/arehappy but it looks relevant to this channel.16:41
arigatothe comment is right: anyone with a non-trivial interest should use HEAD instead16:47
cfbolzarigato: of course switching to int_add_ovf(x, x) has no measurable effect :-)16:48
bigdog1arigato: the update will take a couple of hours16:48
arigatook, thanks16:48
bigdog1by tomorrow,  I will update all VM instances16:48
Action: cfbolz confused and unhappy16:48
bigdog1I don't know if this will impact anything, but we will be running with the best available16:49
ericvrp_cfbolz: hi! and sorry for not replying to your last email. Truth be told, I forgot all about it...16:49
cfbolzericvrp_: np :-)16:49
arigatobah, the assert at optimizeopt.py:125 can actually fail16:50
arigatoafter running pypy-c-jit for some time :-(16:50
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stakkarsarigato: Hi Armin18:19
arigatohi Christian18:19
stakkarssorry, wrong channel, I meant psyco18:19
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kenaan03arigo 10r6665514 07M(pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/metainterp/test/test_optimizefindnode.py): A skipped test corresponding to a bug seen on pypy-c-jit. ...19:41
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kenaan03arigo 10r6665614 pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(history.py optimize.py): An RPython-friendly way to dump a loop. ...20:14
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kenaan03arigo 10r6665714 pypy/branch/pyjitpl5/pypy/jit/metainterp 07M(optimizefindnode.py optimizeopt.py test_optimizefindnode.py test_optimizeopt.py): Bug fix in optimize*.py, originally shown by 'pypy-c-jit test_decimal.py'. ...21:29
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lesshastehi all22:29
lesshasteor.. anyone :)22:32
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lesshastehi Rhamphoryncus 22:40
Rhamphoryncushiya lesshaste22:40
lesshasteare you a pypy dev by any chance?22:41
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