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santagadawhat does this error means: OperationError: [<W_TypeObject(AttributeError)>: W_StringObject("'fake_os' object has no attribute 'OSError'")]03:35
santagadaI was trying to translate pypy03:35
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stakkars 04:15
stakkarsprobably my fault...04:17
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stakkarspanni_: hello?04:40
amitRegpython for .NET problem "Unhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: python23" 04:43
amitRegseems like my python2.5 installation wont work. any quick suggestion ? anyone ?04:44
stakkarsyes, obviously python2.3 is registered, python2.5 is not04:44
stakkarsyou need to dig deeper and tell us more specific info04:46
stakkarsamitReg: tell me more!04:47
amitRegstakkars: downloaded pythonnet-1.0-rc2-py2.3-clr1.1  and I am trying to fix this with mono so that I can play around with cli module04:48
stakkarsI see. py2.3 probably won't serve you.04:49
amitRegwhat else do I need to fix up. 04:51
stakkarsI hven't tried this, ever. but maybe checking paths would help.04:51
stakkarslook at $PYTHONPATH04:52
amitRegecho $PATHONPATH   = NULL04:53
amitRegecho $PATH  ... has no path for python.   I think that's the problem.04:53
stakkarssure. a typo04:53
amitRegbut again DLLnotfound error clearly says python2.304:54
amitRegI'll give it a shot anyways. 04:54
amitReg:) 04:54
stakkarswhich OS?04:54
stakkarstell me "which python" and related things04:55
amitRegpython -V   = 2.5.104:55
stakkarshow do you start pythonnet?04:55
amitRegmono JIT compiler 1.2.4 04:55
amitRegthe whole struggle is to make the "import clr" line work.04:56
amitRegmono python.exe04:57
stakkarsand that exe is python2.5?04:57
amitRegnope. that should be an installer for pythonnet.04:58
stakkarstry the same with an explicit reference to your global installed versions.04:59
amitReghope that works.05:00
amitRegwill try that.05:00
stakkarsany results?05:04
Action: stakkars going to bed05:05
amitRegresults = NULL ... me too going to bed. 05:10
amitRegstakkars: and thanks. 05:10
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stakkarsslep well, let's resolve it tomorrow05:11
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lac I'm awake now.08:03
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roadshowtonelac - r48264 - Latest attempt at 3 slides covering 'motivation', except that it doesn't quite do that any more.  This may be ok.09:13
roadshowtonearigo - r48265 - This is supposedly the official way to know if we are running on NT or Posix.  Althought I cannot find right now the code in PyPy that would expose 'module/posix' under the name 'nt' I guess it must b09:24
roadshowtonepedronis - r48266 - some rough technical meat for the ibm talk before I forget about it (samuele, slitghtly more lucid than yesterday)09:38
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Action: lac is back10:26
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cfbolzpedronis: +- Obviously in the PE based generated Dynamic Compilers 10:45
cfbolzthis doesn't make sense to me 10:45
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cfbolzhi anto!10:47
antocunihi carl!10:47
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antocunicfbolz: do you know if hhu has got some windows licenses?11:37
cfbolzno clue11:38
antocuniI was thinking to put a virtualbox on wyvern or cobra or whatever11:38
antocunito test windows stuff11:38
antocunibut we need a license, of course11:39
cfbolzah, I can discuss with michaeL next time11:39
antocuniit would be nice11:39
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cfbolzantocuni: yes, indeed11:56
cfbolzantocuni: I just don't know how easy we can log in there11:56
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antocunicfbolz: you mean in the windows inside virtaulbox?12:03
antocuniwell, with cygwin you can have ssh accounts12:04
cfbolzsure, but how helpful is htat12:04
antocunifor administration, not much12:04
cfbolzi guess vnc or so would be good12:04
antocunibut for normal work it should be enough12:04
antocuniand yes, I though about vnc for the graphical stuffs12:04
xorAxAxdoesnt HHU participate in the MSDNAA program?12:05
cfbolzxorAxAx: what's that?12:06
xorAxAxcfbolz: microsoft hands out licenses of microsoft stuff to students of universities which participate in this program12:07
cfbolzI am not sure we could use such a license12:07
cfbolzit's about a uni pc12:07
xorAxAxonly students are allowed to use it, yeah12:08
antocuniwell, if we put virtualbox in my home dir we could argue that the pc is mine12:08
antocunidon't know how much sense it makes, though :-)12:08
cfbolzantocuni: you are not a student :-)12:09
antocunimv ~antocuni/virtualbox ~cfbolz12:09
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cfbolzantocuni: you cannot write in my home dir12:11
antocuniI've a root account on wyvern! :-)12:12
antocunirm -rf ~cfbolz12:12
antocunibtw, it looks like msdnaa licenses are not only for students12:13
antocuniMSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a Microsoft program which provides some Microsoft developer tools for free to students and faculty12:13
antocunifrom http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSDN_Academic_Alliance12:13
xorAxAxok :)12:15
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antocunihi leonardo!13:17
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santagadaantocuni: hi13:47
santagadai'm still trying to get pygame and boehm running on leopard13:53
santagadastakkars: are you using leopard now?13:54
santagadaantocuni: do you know what versions of boehmgc are supported in pypy? because I can't get it to work with 7.0, maybe I should try 614:09
antocunisantagada: I'm using 6.7 and it works fine14:29
antocunino clue about mac os though14:29
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amitRegHi all14:30
amitRegantocuni: I tried to install python.net with momo. and ended up with "dllnotfound error: python23"14:32
amitRegI have python2.5.114:32
antocuniamitReg: http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/cli-backend.html14:33
antocunilook at the last paragraph14:33
antocuniyou should use python 2.4 btw14:33
antocuniI don't know if pythonnet works with python 2.514:33
antocunialso, you are trying to use  the version for python 2.3, but you should really use the version for python 2.414:34
amitRegantocuni: oh ok. will try that.14:36
cfbolzamitReg: it's rather easy to get python2.4 with ubuntu14:36
amitRegcfbolz: I will try with 2.4  thanks. :) 14:37
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roadshowtonecfbolz - r48267 - a so far very simplistic analysis to find potential coallocation sites15:14
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cfbolzhi michael!15:21
antocunihi michael!15:21
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amitRegantocuni: I am getting entrypoint not found exception for ........ mono python.exe16:21
amitRegi will tell u what i did.16:21
amitRegln -s /usr/lib/libpython2.4.so.1.0 ./python2416:22
amitRegmade the config file as mentioned in http://codespeak.net/pypy/dist/pypy/doc/cli-backend.html16:22
amitRegany clue16:22
roadshowtonecfbolz - r48268 - add coalloc support to the llinterp16:22
amitReginstalled python 2.4 but still  Python -V gives me 2.5.116:25
roadshowtonecfbolz - r48269 - replace mallocs by coallocs16:26
cfbolzamitReg: you can run python2.4 or change the /usr/bin/python symlink16:27
amitRegcfbolz: tried that thanks. but still I get "Unhandled Exception: System.EntryPointNotFoundException: PyUnicodeUCS2_FromUnicode"16:33
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amitRegthat exception is for " mono python.exe "16:36
xorAxAxcfbolz: what is a coalloc?16:46
cfbolzxorAxAx: www.cs.utexas.edu/~sammy/cronies-oopsla-2004.pdf16:52
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Action: antocuni back17:19
antocuniamitReg: I think you have to compile python by yourself17:19
antocuniit seems that pythonnet wants python to be compiled with ucs2 support17:20
antocuniwhile ubuntu ships python without it17:20
antocuniI also had the same problem17:20
antocunibut with gentoo it's easy to fix, just a command line option when installing17:21
amitReg:) ... oh.17:21
amitRegin that case I will install 2.3 .. coz I have 2.4 and 2.5 already .. :) lol17:22
antocuniamitReg: I'm not sure pypy will work with 2.317:22
amitRegoh no ... I need 2.4 ... coz I have .net package for 2.4 17:22
amitReg:( 17:23
amitRegoh well... 2.4 is better.17:23
antocuniI think that the alternative is to compile pythonnet by yourself17:23
antocunibut it's not straightforward, because the makefile is not portable17:23
amitRegI tried that... it failed with some *.il file missing error.17:24
antocuniamitReg: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/pythondotnet/2007-July/000650.html17:25
antocunithat's exactly your problem17:25
amitRegyou got to the same place where i was 30 mins back. :) .. 17:27
amitRegit does not give a solution though. 17:27
amitReg:) 17:27
antocuniwell, the solution is to compile python with support for ucs217:28
amitRegwill do that.17:28
antocuniI suggest to do it by yourself and put the resulting python into its own directory17:28
antocuninot to conflict with ubuntu's own version17:28
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xorAxAxantocuni: you can achieve that by using --prefix=/usr/local/17:32
antocuniI know17:32
antocunithough I usually prefer to use something like /opt/python2.4-ucs2 or so17:33
xorAxAxyeah, its just important to do it in the configure stage17:34
xorAxAx"put" could have also meant to move it afterwards17:34
antocuniah, sure17:34
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amitRegantocuni: I got it fixed .. wohoooooooooo !!!! 17:47
amitReg* goes cooking17:47
cfbolzamitReg: cool!17:51
antocuniamitReg: cool!17:55
Nick change: mwhudson_ -> mwhudson18:00
antocunicfbolz: if you feel like to review my proposal again, it's almost complete now18:04
Action: antocuni afk18:05
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cfbolzantocuni: ok18:07
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roadshowtonecfbolz - r48271 - another test, tweaks18:16
roadshowtonecfbolz - r48272 - another working test18:17
amitRegantocuni: another hurdle. for the line ">>>> ArrayList = clr.load_cli_class('System.Collections', 'ArrayList')" i got ImportError: cannot import name FunctionMixin18:19
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roadshowtonetismer - r48273 - relaxing test that depends on filenames in windows. os.abspath is incompatible with autopath right now. The real fix is to implement _getfullpathname . The provided fallback in ntpath is pretty insuff18:37
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antocuniamitReg: uh, that looks like a bug :-(18:57
amitRegantocuni: i did    " mono  python.exe  ../../py.py  --withmod-clr18:59
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antocuniamitReg: it works fine for me!18:59
amitRegantocuni: same error for >>>> Math = clr.load_cli_class('System', 'Math')19:00
amitReg:(( boo hoo 19:00
amitRegantocuni: it seems even the basic netpython is not working fine ...     from System import String ... this gives no module named System. 19:07
amitReg:P 19:07
antocuniamitReg: ah, so it's not a pypy problem19:07
antocuniah no, sorry19:08
antocuniyou need to do from CLR import System19:08
Action: antocuni tries to update svn19:08
amitRegyeah.. I got that running now. 19:08
antocuniamitReg: could you show me the full traceback please?19:08
amitReg:) ... and i updated SVN .. lately 19:09
amitRegwhere do I paste it ? 19:09
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amitRegantocuni: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/8853/19:11
antocuniuh, it looks like a py.test issue19:12
antocunibut I don't know why py.test comes here19:12
antocuniamitReg: the problem is that you don't have gmcs on your path19:13
antocuni(I guess)19:13
cfbolzantocuni: your fault!19:13
cfbolzoyu are calling py.test.skip19:13
cfbolzin sdk.py19:14
antocuniah, because I assumed that sdk would have been called from a test19:14
amitRegantocuni: oh heavens ... I have mcs with the default mono installation ... 19:14
amitRegantocuni: do I need gmcs ?? 19:14
antocunigmcs is the compiler with support for .net 2.019:15
antocuniwhat version of mono do you have?19:15
antocunicfbolz: I would not know how to solve, honestly19:15
Action: antocuni hates ubuntu19:15
amitRegI do this automatic installation of Ubuntu .. I don't know what it does internally ... 19:16
antocuniwell, it should install *both* mcs and gmcs19:16
amitRegantocuni: not yet ... but i guess I will start too .. :P 19:16
cfbolzantocuni: you are misguided :-)19:16
cfbolzamitReg: you _can_ install both easily19:16
cfbolzlet me check the package name19:16
amitRegcfbolz: hail cfbolz 19:16
cfbolzroadshowtone: os19:17
amitRegsounds like that's the culprit19:17
roadshowtoneSun Solaris is clearly the worst operating system ever19:17
cfbolzantocuni: yes, that sounds good19:17
antocunibut well, py.py should print a better error message, for sure19:17
antocunihow can I know if I'm inside a test or not?19:18
amitReginstall in progress19:18
cfbolzyou can't19:18
roadshowtonecfbolz - r48274 - woops, check whether the malloc we are trying to replace is the correct one.19:18
amitRegantocuni: Got it running .............. :)19:21
roadshowtonetismer - r48275 - some of the test cases see to have trouble with imports. "from pypy.rlib.objectmodel import we_are_translated" caused test_options_u_PYTHONINSPECT to fail.19:22
Action: antocuni afk again19:23
amitRegwhat is afk ?? 19:23
cfbolzaway from keyboard19:24
amitReghow did that msg appear with a * on the left instead of name ? 19:25
idnaralso known as CTCP ACTION19:26
roadshowtonecfbolz - r48276 - fix two wrong tests, and the code19:26
Action: amitReg horrified.19:26
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Action: santagada is sorry to have upgraded to leopard19:35
Action: amitReg sympathizes santagada 19:36
cfbolzsantagada: hah! too much mac-fanboyism is a bad thing19:36
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santagadareally, I don't know how to make this freaking boehm gc work... It needs a gc_local_alloc.h but it is not part of the download, maybe it is auto-generated but it is not anymore19:37
xorAxAxnever doubt of saint jobs19:37
santagadaboehm gc 6.8 don't compile19:38
santagadaI give up19:38
roadshowtonecfbolz - r48277 - some fixes necessary to make coallocation with dictionaries work.19:39
santagadacfbolz: don't kick me while I am down19:44
cfbolzsantagada: it's not like it's the first time I said this :-)19:44
santagadacfbolz: I know19:45
cfbolzanyway, I know this feeling19:46
cfbolzand it doesn't only happen with macs19:46
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santagadacfbolz: do you know how to ask a distutils app to look for libraries on other directories like -I and -L for gcc?19:47
santagadaI am a distutils setup.py19:48
cfbolzno clue19:48
santagadathat sucks, I can't get pygame to run also19:48
Action: santagada hates pygame (python really needs a better suported 2d graphics lib)19:50
Action: santagada thinks that a good 3d engine would not hurt either19:51
cfbolzpygames is well supported19:52
cfbolzjust not on mac19:52
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antocunisantagada: I downloaded gc6.8.tar.gz20:13
antocunigc_local_alloc.h is inside include/20:13
antocunicfbolz: what is coalloc?20:13
santagadaantocuni: but it doesnt support macintel I think20:14
antocuniah, maybe; I was just commenting your claim that gc_local_alloc.h is not part of the download20:15
santagadaantocuni: not part of gc7.020:16
Action: cfbolz --> party20:19
cfbolzantocuni: see the paper at: www.cs.utexas.edu/~sammy/cronies-oopsla-2004.pdf20:19
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santagadamwhudson: hi21:21
santagadamwhudson: having network problems?21:21
mwhudsonsantagada: hello21:21
mwhudsonsantagada: yes, you could say that21:22
mwhudsonthe wireless here is veeeery overloaded, and my drivers seem unhappy about that21:22
santagadamwhudson: where you are?21:23
mwhudsonsantagada: between uds and canonical's allhands21:23
santagadaahh ok, I thought you went with the roadshow21:24
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mwhudsonroadshowtone: vcs21:32
roadshowtoneSCCS is clearly the best VCS ever21:32
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santagadaroadshowtone: vcs22:06
roadshowtonecopying files around is clearly the best VCS ever22:06
santagadahahaha got to love the bot22:06
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santagadait took me actually reading the source of ansi_print to realize that those strangedots were in fact a fractal22:07
santagadatranslating jsinterp only show a handfull of those22:08
santagadawell got pygame installed22:19
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xorAxAxhi alon_ 23:47
alon_hi xorAxAx.23:48
alon_I was creating a list with instances that do not share a base class - is that RPython or not? because of it is, then it shouldn't have gotten me a MemoryError, and if it isn't, it shouldn't have been translatable, right?23:49
xorAxAxthats not rpython because your objects will degrade to someobject23:49
xorAxAxand the memoryerror seems to be some exception handling issue23:49
xorAxAxi wrote a pretty small way to reproduce it but armin didnt have time to have a look at it23:50
alon_can you take a look if I paste it in pastebin?23:50
alon_thanks, a moment23:50
xorAxAxyes, as i said, its not rpython :)23:52
alon_ok, thanks for the clarification.23:52
alon_at the same time, is there any way to store a list of methods in a list?23:53
alon_(in RPython of course)23:53
xorAxAxwell, bound methods to non-constant instances?23:54
xorAxAxhmm, you could store the instances and the unboundmethod23:54
xorAxAxin 2 lists23:54
alon_like: a=A(); b=B(); l=[a.f,b.f]23:54
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alon_I need to be able to call them (actually storing works, I know - the calling fails..)23:55
alon_I want to go: for x in l: x()23:55
alon_of course, that fails in simplecall.23:55
xorAxAxwell, that would be l1[0](l2[0], ...)23:55
alon_ok, I'll try that.23:55
amitRegI made changes in interp_clr.py  ... how will I be able to see the changes the next time I run  NetPython with clr module 23:58
xorAxAxamitReg: are you using py.py?23:58
xorAxAxthen they should be directly visible23:58
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alon_xorAxAx: cool - it works,23:59
amitRegmono py.py --withmodule-clr.23:59
amitRegsomething like that.23:59
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