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braintonesantagada - r42570 - in pypy/dist/pypy/lang/js: . test - started testing of expressions... we are getting closer to the point where this parser is going to take the place of using narcissus + spidermonkey05:02
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braintonesantagada - r42571 - pypy/dist/pypy/lang/js - should be a ? not a *... but still I dunno if this is correct or not05:08
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Nick change: mwbuntu -> mwhudson10:01
xorAxAxmwhudson: what happened with your old nick? :)10:12
mwhudsonmwh is still here10:14
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helmutI'd just like to note that my type inference works! :-)))11:02
xorAxAxand its not using pypy :-) you could have written a haskell backend and written your inference system in rpython :)11:02
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helmutxorAxAx: actually not.11:03
helmutxorAxAx: I'm forced to use haskell in this special case and I start liking haskell. :-)11:03
xorAxAxhelmut: well, you would have written it in haskell in the end11:04
xorAxAxprogrammatically, though11:04
helmut(the source language is also given)11:04
helmutdoesn't matter: it's only for learning.11:06
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Action: pedronis lunch11:37
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Action: pedronis meeting12:52
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stakkarsmwh, pedronis , jacob22|home , and whoelse is here from the consortium, I have a quick but urgent question.15:51
mwhudsoni'm sort of here15:51
stakkarsgreat. can we meet for short time in #pypy-temp?15:52
stakkarsit's just a quick but internal thingy15:54
stakkarshmm, maybe this doesn't work.15:58
stakkarsI have some adjustments to my timesheets. I think t check them in, with explainment why, and to wait if somebody complains.15:59
Action: pedronis leaving for home16:15
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santagadasnake is not working?16:29
santagadamwh: :(16:29
mwhudsonsnake hasn't worked for about a year?16:29
santagadamwhudson: man.... psyco is on snake16:31
santagadaat least it is listed in there in python cheese shop16:31
santagadamwhudson: http://psyco.sourceforge.net/download.html16:33
santagadathere, it is fooling easy_install16:34
mwhudsonwell, get it from svn then16:34
Action: arre --> Home16:35
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Topic changed on #pypy by pedronis!n=chatzill@c-158b70d5.022-54-67626719.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se: PyPy, the flexible snake (irc-logs: http://tismerysoft.de/pypy/irc-logs/pypy/) dystopian and utopian chairs20:53
pedronisif you are in obscure land, painting the inner walls of your house white will not help.20:53
pedroniseartone: rename white20:54
Nick change: eartone -> whitetone20:54
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arigatoa deep thought about pedronis' favourite cpython misdesign: .pyc files20:54
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santagadaarigato: do you know that on the psyco webpage you point to a file that is on snake?21:18
santagadapsyco snapshot21:18
santagadaand what is the most stable psyco version arigato ?21:18
arigatosantagada: oups21:18
arigatosantagada: the svn head21:18
santagadaon the download page21:18
santagadaarigato: should I worry with: c/psyfunc.c:572: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of PyString_FromStringAndSize differ in signedness21:36
arigatosantagada: thanks, I moved the snapshot to wyvern21:36
arigatono, this warning is not an issue21:37
arigatoI should check in a cast to silence it, though21:37
santagadai'm -1 on you wasting time on anything but pypy :)21:42
arigatotoo late, it's done :-)21:42
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braintoneantocuni - r42600 - in pypy/dist/pypy/translator: . cli cli/test - - add support to driver for building libraries instead of standalone executables (i.e., allowing more than one entry-point) - first steps to write a gencli's frontend which allow to compile a...22:52
braintoneantocuni - r42601 - pypy/dist/pypy/translator - oops!23:01
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