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mwhoops, already said that here :)12:52
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arigomwh: we are running into a problem with your patch to the compiler package13:52
arigothe patch about fixing   exec "global a; a=5" in glob, loc13:52
arigoit seems that it creates another bug:13:52
arigoclass X:13:52
arigo  def f():13:52
arigo    str13:52
arigo  def str():13:52
arigo    pass13:52
arigothe "def str()" line compiles to a STORE_GLOBAL on 'str'13:53
arigoapparently because of the LOAD_GLOBAL 'str' in the other function13:53
mwhand that works without my patch?13:58
arigoI'm told so14:15
mwhwell, my patch was just a quick hack14:19
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Action: arigo has fun listened to hpk and pedronis trying to understand the Scopes in the compiler package16:28
mwhgive them my regards16:30
mwhand sympathy16:30
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Action: mwh pokes arigo 21:47
mwhi hope one of you lot is going to attach our compiler patches to the bug report on SF21:47
arigoI guess so21:48
arigofor now it's still not quite right21:48
mwhhpk's checkin message was amusing21:48
mwh"this is too complicated to explain"21:49
arigoah :-)  then mine reverting it must be dumb21:49
mwhoh, right21:49
arigoabout to check in a fix...21:56
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arigogetting closer22:06
mwhthe scoping rules in python aren't _that_ complicated are they?22:07
mwhmaybe there are22:07
arigodef f():22:09
arigo  global b22:09
arigo  exec "b=5"22:09
arigo  return b22:09
arigothis kind of details22:09
mwhthat's illegal, isn't it?22:10
arigonot at all22:11
arigoguess what  'b=42; f()'  returns?22:12
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moshezmwh: froop I am also here!22:12
moshezmwh: anyway, if you do ask around re: October sprint and get an answer22:13
moshezmwh: let me know!22:13
mwhmaybe someone here knows the proposed dates of the october sprint22:14
Action: mwh points at arigo, hpk22:14
arigoLudovic seemed to remember that it's about 10-17 October22:15
mwhthat avoids my birthday, good :)22:15
moshezmwh: you do not wish to celebrate your birthday with python hackers? :(22:15
arigo(yes, hpk confirms that 10-17 is fixed)22:17
moshezlet me check if 10-17 are good dates22:17
moshezthey don't sound extremely good :(22:17
moshezin the sense that they sound like they're on the holidays here22:18
moshezso expensiveness of trips22:18
mwhwhat funny holidays you have22:24
arigoyou can hide a local variable between two points in a function22:24
arigodef f():22:25
arigo  global a22:25
arigo  exec "a=5"22:25
arigo  ...stuff...22:25
arigo  exec "a_again=a"22:25
arigoany other use of 'a' will see the global22:25
mwhhow does that end up being a local?22:26
arigothe first exec stores the a in frame.f_locals22:26
mwhthe exec-ed code compiles to STORE_NAMEs presumably22:27
mwhthat kind of makes sense, in a sick kind of way22:27
arigowell, yes, in a terminally ill kind of way22:28
mwhusing exec like that is already heading towards a&e22:28
mwhusing 'bare' exec in a function body, even22:29
arigo"import *" too22:29
mwhi see you checked in22:47
mwhyou don't seem to have posted the patch to SF yet :)22:49
arigowell we want to test it a bit more22:54
arigoand isolating that huge diff22:54
arigoI mean either we get a huge diff, or we isolate specific revisions22:54
arigobecause the compiler package really is full of small problems that we fixed along the way22:54
Action: arigo leaving22:55
mwhwould be nice to fix them for cpython too!22:55
mwhbig changes or small, i don't care :)22:55
mwhgood night22:55
arigoyes, I'd like to get our changes into CPython too, but my point was that it will take some efforts :-)22:55
arigosee you22:55
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