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arigohpk: please give another warning just before rebooting :-)12:34
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arigochanging codespeak configuration?13:10
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hpkarigo: fixing actually13:19
hpkarigo: something is still not quite right but this time it's related to RAM usage.13:20
hpkarigo: the machine is running at virtually low memory but the offending ram banks have already been removed13:20
hpkaleale: hi!13:20
hpkaleale: did you get the pypy-funding mail regarding the #pypy-sync meeting tomorrow at 1pm? 13:21
arigohpk: any reason for the load average of 40.00 ?13:21
hpkyes, blocked processes13:21
hpkmarking the reason why i want to reboot13:22
hpki am currently beginning to organize the move to a new hoster (sometime later this or next month)13:22
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arigoleaving now -- I will try to be on-line tomorrow from Bruxelles13:34
arigoafter my holidays there I'll be at Dusseldorf and come to Hildesheim from there13:35
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